The Basics of Cinematography: 6 Cinematography Techniques to Master

A Camera Operator holds a camera on a shoulder mount filming outdoors. Cinematography Techniques | Cinematography Basics | Sparks Film School

Cinematography Basics – 6 Cinematography Techniques Cinematography is the art of capturing moving images on film or digital media. It is an essential element of filmmaking that can have a huge impact on the success of a film, cinematography techniques play a big part in establishing the overall look and feel of a film. The … Read more

The Heart of Harlesden: Making Documentaries with Young Filmmakers in Brent

The Heart of Harlesdon - Youth Filmmaking Project with YBF. A group of young filmmakers interview a subject for a documentary.

In what has been an incredible youth filmmaking project, Sparks Film School recently partnered with the Young Brent Foundation to make youth film productions as part of a local heritage project. Their Now You See Me project aims to champion and platform the voices of young people, a cause we feel passionate about and an … Read more

Meet Robin, Sparks Film School Alumnus and Young Film Critic

Robin Baxter, Sparks Film School Alumnus

We catch up with Robin Baxter, Sparks Film School alumnus, a Film Studies graduate, screenwriter and also a film critic with Robin first joined our filmmaking classes in 2012. As part of our initial ‘Startups’ crew, which later became known as Studio 5, our programme for filmmakers age 14-18. Robin also joined the Sparks … Read more

How to Apply to Film School: 6 Simple Tips for a Winning Film School Application

How to Apply to Film School | A professional video camera stands on a tripod at the back of an audience and a panel of people at a desk.

Film schools are highly competitive. When it comes to how to apply to film school, you need to write a winning application that can cut through the competition and showcase your potential. Writing a winning application for a prestigious film school degree programme can be challenging, but with proper preparation, effort and some know-how, you … Read more

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