Top 10 Best Film Schools in the UK

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Want to study filmmaking at one of the best film schools in the UK?

Take a look at our list of Top 10 Best Film Schools in the UK, where we share options for specialist film school training degrees in the UK.

These film schools all offer high quality filmmaking training at degree level or above.

Attending any one of our Top 10 best film schools in the UK can help to accelerate and launch your career as a filmmaker.

Top 10 Best Film Schools in the UK

Top 10 Best UK Film Schools – Our List:

Here, we’ve only included our picks for the best film schools in the UK, but it’s not an exhaustive list.

We’ve only included specialist film schools and not universities (although some are linked to university partners).

Filmmaking training at degree level is also available at many UK universities and through other providers. We also also haven’t included any international film schools, although there are plenty of high quality options should you want to study abroad.

In the list of Top 10 Best Film Schools in the UK below, we haven’t included any pre-degree level options, including our own film school courses.

Our filmmaking courses are available for ages 5-18 and can help to prepare young filmmakers for their next steps, which might include one of options below for the best film schools in the UK. If you’d like to know more about our filmmaking courses for under 18s, please take a look here > >

Top 10 Best Film Schools in the UK

Why Attend One of the Best Film Schools in the UK:

It isn’t necessary to attend a top UK film school in order to become a filmmaker, but depending on your aims, it can certainly help you on your way.

These film schools often focus solely on filmmaking training, so they tend to be highly specialised, with strong connections to the UK film industry. They offer high quality facilities, specialist tutors and can help to provide a range of competitive industry skills and knowledge.

Attending one of these film schools can help you to build a portfolio at the same time as earning a degree in filmmaking. This is crucial for those hoping to become filmmakers professionally.

Our Top 10 Best Film Schools in the UK

  1. The National Film and Television School
    The NFTS offers BA and MA courses, as well as lots of technical discipline courses too. There are over 30 filmmaking courses on offer, their graduates have gone on to huge success within the film industry. They have locations around the UK, which means it’s not just London-based filmmakers who can make the most of their opportunities.
  2. London Film School
    The London Film School offers MA programmes including Filmmaking, Screenwriting and Film Business from its base in Covent Garden, London. It also offers a Film Practice PhD. It’s the oldest film school in the UK and counts some of the most recognisable names in British filmmaking amongst its Alumni.
  3. Met Film School
    The Met Film School offers both BA and MA programmes, as well as short courses. It’s based at Ealing Studios in London and celebrates its links to the UK film industry. It’s one of the only film schools in the UK to offer specialisms, from Documentary Filmmaking, Cinematography and VFX/Animation Courses.
  4. Ravensbourne
    Ravensbourne University in South East London is a college specialising in creative media, including its film school programmes.

    Ravensbourne offers undergraduate, postgraduate and FE courses, ranging from film production, to TV, design, photography and gaming. It’s highly practical courses and high employability rates make it one of the most attractive film schools in the UK.
  5. University of the Arts London (UAL)
    UAL offers a BA course in filmmaking and TV production, as well as postgraduate courses in screen and business. As a hub for creative learning, UAL offers students on the filmmaking programme access to some of the world’s top facilities and tutors.
  6. Raindance
    Alongside providing filmmaking training, Raindance also organises one of the UK’s biggest and well-known film festivals. Raindance runs courses in filmmaking, acting and screenwriting. If you’re unsure about a full time programme, it also runs membership networks for filmmakers looking to collaborate and develop their skills.
  7. London Film Academy
    LFA’s filmmaking programmes including BA courses, MA courses, certificates and short course programmes from its London base. The LFA is one of the more accessible film schools in London, with scholarship programmes and bursaries available, as well as competitive course fees.
  8. Central Film School
    The Central Film School offers full time and part time courses from Foundation degrees up to MA programmes in filmmaking and screenwriting. It also offers introductory film courses from its base in Central London. It partners with universities including Falmouth to offer its students a breadth of training.
  9. Goldsmiths Screen School
    The Screen School at Goldsmiths university offers postgraduate MA programmes in filmmaking, screen journalism, scriptwriting and photography. As one of London’s best-known universities for both flexible studies and the arts, their screen school comes with a winning reputation.
  10. Screen Academy Scotland
    Screen Academy Scotland is one of the few UK film schools outside of London to welcome aspiring filmmakers to its high quality film training. The Academy, based in Edinburgh, provides both undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate courses (MA), as well as diplomas and short courses.

How to Gain Admission to the Top 10 Best Film Schools in the UK

Admission to the top film schools in the UK is tough. It’s highly competitive, with a just a few students out of thousands of applicants able to gain a place.

Our advice is to build a portfolio of work that communicates your unique point of view and your potential as a filmmaker.

Just taking Media Studies or Film Studies at A-Level is unlikely to be enough to gain entry to one of the top 10 best film schools in the UK.

If you’re under 18, you might also want to consider part time filmmaking classes or filmmaking short courses to add to your CV prior to application.

Want to know more about attending one of the Top 10 best film schools in the UK? Take a look at our blog on Attending an Elite Film School.

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