Careers in Film

Film Courses: What Can I Expect to Learn?

Film Courses for Kids

If you’re interested to learn about film or filmmaking, then there are lots of different film courses you can explore: Full time film courses Part time film courses Face-to-Face film courses Online film courses Film Studies courses Filmmaking or film production courses Specialist filmmaking courses, e.g. animation or VFX courses… Whatever style or format of … Read more

Is it Worth Attending an Elite Film School?

Is it worth attending an elite film school

Firstly, by film school, here I’m talking about conservatoire style film schools. I’m not talking about part-time film schools, or extra-curricular filmmaking courses like the ones we offer. Conservatoire style film schools are specialist providers of vocational film training at a higher education or postgraduate education level. Examples of conservatoire-style film schools in the UK … Read more

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