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Take Part in the Festive Foodie Film Challenge

Sparks Film School | Festive Foodie Film Challenge 2023 | A gingerbread house with lots of colourful decorations

Make a Festive Foodie Video this Christmas The festive season is famed for its fabulous food, with plenty of favourite celebratory treats to enjoy. From gingerbread, to mince pies, yule log, or dare we say, even sprouts, there are festive favourites both sweet and savoury to choose from. To help celebrate, we’re inviting filmmakers to … Read more

How to Boost Film Sound Quality: 7 No or Low Budget Tips to Improve Film Sound

an example of negative space in a film - great way to improve video skills

At Sparks Film Schools, we believe that everyone, regardless of budget or location, can create incredible and imaginative films. Film sound quality is a crucial but often underestimated aspect of filmmaking. Sound can be a very challenging thing to get right, especially without lots of technical equipment, knowledge of microphones and attention to detail. But … Read more

The Basics of Cinematography: 6 Cinematography Techniques to Master

A Camera Operator holds a camera on a shoulder mount filming outdoors. Cinematography Techniques | Cinematography Basics | Sparks Film School

Cinematography Basics – 6 Cinematography Techniques Cinematography is the art of capturing moving images on film or digital media. It is an essential element of filmmaking that can have a huge impact on the success of a film, cinematography techniques play a big part in establishing the overall look and feel of a film. The … Read more

6 Essential Techniques to Succeed with Documentary Filmmaking

Documentary Filmmaking Techniques Title | 6 Essential Techniques to Succeed with Documentary Filmmaking

What is documentary filmmaking? Documentary filmmaking is a style of non-fiction filmmaking that shows or explores real life events or factual stories taking place. Documentaries can take on different styles and use different techniques to achieve their purpose. For instance, some documentaries might seek to be entertaining, some informative, some educational and some persuasive. Some … Read more

Power Shots: 8 Tips for Powerful Cinematic Storytelling on Screen

Shoot Power Shots with Mise-en-Scene for Cinematic Storytelling

As filmmakers, we are always aiming to create impactful, powerful cinematic storytelling on screen. It’s at the very heart of every filmmaker’s ambition. Having strong mise-en-scène within a film is one of the most helpful tools available to strengthen on-screen storytelling and turn your shots into powerful storytelling moments. What is Mise-en-Scène? If you haven’t … Read more

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