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Screen Legends: 7 Legendary Filmmakers You Need to Know

Screen Legends: 7 Legendary Filmmakers We're Exploring in Sparks Film Classes

In this Autumn’s filmmaking classes, we’re exploring legendary filmmakers to seek out inspiration, techniques, influence and know-how for our student’s latest film productions. What makes a legendary filmmaker? We’ve put together a list of seven legendary filmmakers we think every young filmmaker should know. This isn’t another list of auteurs, though we’ve included one or … Read more

How to Write Dialogue in a Screenplay? 5 Foolproof Strategies for Writing Better Dialogue

Write Dialogue in a Screenplay

Writing dialogue convincingly in a screenplay can feel like a challenge, but if you can master writing dialogue, it can help take your script from mediocre to masterpiece. So, if you’re wondering how to write dialogue effectively in your screenplays, read on for our 5 foolproof strategies for writing dialogue for screen… 1. Write Dialogue … Read more

Top 10 Filmmaking Tips for Beginners

Top 10 Easy Filmmaking Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner interested in learning about filmmaking, take a look at our Top 10 Filmmaking Tips for Beginners below. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced filmmaker, making a film can be challenging. It’s often a lot of work, and there are several traps you can easily fall into that can affect … Read more

5 Fun Photography Activities for Kids

Photography Activities for Kids

Whether you’re just starting out in photography, or you want to improve your photography skills, you can try out these 5 fun photography activities for kids. These photography activities for kids are designed to boost imagination and inspire creativity. They’re designed for children or young photographers, but adults can absolutely join in too. Take a … Read more

Get Confident on Camera: 6 Media Training Tips for Performing to Camera

Get Confident on Camera - Performing to Camera Tips | Best Cameras for Beginners

Want to feel more confident on camera? Take a look at our 6 easy to apply tips to boost your confidence when performing to camera. Even the world’s top actors can feel under confident watching themselves back. As Zac Efron told Collider, “I tend to, especially the first time around, pick out every single flaw, … Read more

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