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Many Branches of Sparks Film School Welcome Childcare Vouchers for Filmmaking Courses and Holiday Camp Bookings

Many of our branches are registered with Ofsted as a recognised provider of school holiday activities.

All our registered branches welcome bookings for any of our filmmaking classes or camps using Childcare Vouchers. You can book for courses using Childcare Vouchers including EdenRed, ComputerShare, Kiddivouchers, Care 4 and more. You can also book for classes and camps using the Childcare Choices scheme. 

Please be aware that not all Sparks Film School branches accept Childcare Vouchers. We recommend getting in touch to check if your local branch accepts them.

How to Book with Childcare Vouchers

To book using Childcare Vouchers, or the new Childcare Choices scheme, please follow the steps below: 

1. Please contact your local Sparks office by phone or email, they can advise if they are registered and will also provide you with specific reference numbers connected to your voucher provider

2. Set up an account on the Sparks booking portal here >>> 

3. Your local Sparks office will advise you of the reference number or the procedure in relation to your voucher provider (this varies for each provider). You’ll normally instruct a voucher payment from your account 

4. A voucher payment will be credited to your Sparks account, which will enable you to book onto any Sparks programme using your vouchers. You can find courses from within your Sparks Account, or using the link here >>> 

Which Childcare Voucher Providers do you Accept? 

Where individual branches are registered, we accept all the main providers, including EdenRed, ComputerShare, Care4, Kiddivouchers, Reward Gateway, TEDS and many more. 

Some of our film schools are also registered with My Family Care. 

Please get in touch with us, with details of your childcare vouchers provider. If we aren’t already registered with your provider, we can likely set up an account with them. 

What About Childcare Choices? 

Yes, we can also accept bookings for classes and camps using the new Childcare Choices platform. 

Please just get in contact with us following the steps above, we can provide the correct reference numbers. 

Childcare Choices is the new government portal. Accounts are open to all eligible parents in the UK.

You can check eligibility on their website here >>> 

What are the Benefits of Using Childcare Vouchers?

As Childcare Vouchers and the Childcare Choices scheme are both eligible for tax relief, it means that you save at least 20% compared with bookings using credit/debit cards.

If you regularly collect childcare vouchers and struggle to find holiday camp providers who accept them, this can be a great way of applying the childcare voucher savings, whilst also choosing a holiday camp that your child will love and gain a lot from. 

Are there any Fees for Booking with Childcare Vouchers? 

No, we don’t apply any booking fees or admin fees for childcare voucher bookings. 

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