Congratulations to the Winner of the Best Film Award in this year’s Camera Games

The Results are in!

The Best Film Award is part of the Camera Games and is a yearly filmmaking competition held across the Sparks network for films created in the Summer term as part of our weekly filmmaking classes.

The submitted films are judged by a professional panel of filmmakers working within the industry. Each year we see some truly excellent films nominated from up and down the country, representing the best that Sparks young filmmakers have to offer.

And the Winner of the Best Film Award is…

Without further ado, we are proud to announce the winner for The Camera Games Best Film award is Scouts 101 from Sparks Film School St Albans! The film follows a group of kids in their final year of scouts as they take on the challenge of surviving in the wild while working to get the ultimate scout badges. The film was produced by a team of 12 young filmmakers in St Alban’s weekly Studio 5 class (ages 14-18).

This year, the judging panel was headed up by film critic Danny Leigh, Sparks Creative Consultant Sheena Holliday and Acting Coach Simon Pollard. In their feedback of the Best Film, judge Danny Leigh commented on the tone of the winner:

Scouts 101 charms its way into the hearts of viewers with a whimsical and playful tone reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s style. The film exudes a real sense of eccentricity and playfulness that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Sparks Camera Games Best Film! Well done Scouts 101

We spoke to Sparks Film School St Albans Directors Kate and Elliot about the creation of the film and how the idea for Scouts 101 came to be

The group worked incredibly hard to come up with a unique idea that challenged them. Even though they filmed at a school they took a simple idea that they could all relate to at their own age and through fantastic production design and cinematography they brought to life their concept and executed it at a high standard. From fake fire, pretending to fish and surreal scenes, they played around with the concept: scouts go camping, but make it funny!

The judges were delighted with so many of the entries, and wanted to share how difficult it was to award the top prize. Everyone should be incredibly proud of the films they’ve produced. Finalists include Sparks Film School Richmond’s Applebot Sparks Film School Bournemouth’s Rise of the Heroes and Sparks Film School Hove’s That Zombie Film.

Applebot from Sparks Film School Richmond Studio 4. A short film about a robot’s escape to freedom, with judges praising it as being

a great example of visual storytelling, the filmmakers used hardly any dialogue to tell their story and I found it very compelling!

One of the finalists, Rise of The Heroes from Sparks Film School Bournemouth Studio 4, sees school friends discover they have special powers. The judges said

The battle sequence is a standout, serving as an impressive set piece that showcases the film’s production value. The energetic physical performances from the cast add to the intensity of the action, drawing audiences deeper into the story.

And That Zombie Film from Sparks Film School Hove featuring a zombie outbreak! Head judge Danny Leigh praised the crew for

the obvious creative spark between the young filmmakers, which very much comes through on screen. And the story was neat, economical and fun – I loved the punchline/plot twist final scene!’

Congratulations to all Sparks filmmakers for their hard work in all that they do. We are always proud of our talented young members and love seeing what they create! Finally, a huge congratulations to Sparks St Albans for winning Best Film for Scouts 101. Well done all!

Last year the prize was won by filmmakers from Sparks Film School Hove for their epic film production The Blue Unknown. Who will win next year?

The Camera Games is Back!

Members of our weekly filmmaking classes are gearing up for another chance for glory! Our Camera Games competition for Best Film is back, and we’re excited to see what our young filmmakers have up their sleeves!

Weekly classes resume after the Easter workshops, and members will be working on a number of production focussed masterclasses before beginning productions on their entry for the Best Film award.

Who will win this year’s trophy?

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