Take Part in the Festive Foodie Film Challenge

The festive season is famed for its fabulous food, with plenty of favourite celebratory treats to enjoy.

From gingerbread, to mince pies, yule log, or dare we say, even sprouts, there are festive favourites both sweet and savoury to choose from.

To help celebrate, we’re inviting filmmakers to take part in our Festive Foodie Film Challenge!

Follow our simple steps below to produce your own festive foodie recipe video. This is a simple filmmaking project for filmmakers of any age to share their favourite festive dishes from around the world.

Sparks Film School | Festive Foodie Challenge | Christmas Tree Shaped Canapes
  • Your video should share a recipe or tips for one of your favourite festive dishes
  • Try to keep your video to below 3 minutes
  • You can share it with us by posting it online using the hashtag #sparksfestivefoodie2023

Firstly, choose your favourite festive recipe to share. Ideally it should be just how you like it.

Note down the key steps to making your festive favourite. Try to keep it super simple, but remember to include any personal touches that make your recipe extra special.

If you’re likely to find it helpful, you might want to note down a script, or draw out a storyboard. But you don’t strictly need to for this project, it can sometimes be more fun to improvise.

Once you’ve chosen your recipe, delve into sharing it in a quick tutorial video.

Here are some suggested shots to include, but it’s completely up to you what style of video to make.

Shots of you presenting to camera

Set up a camera in your kitchen or work area, with a good view of you and your workspace. Film yourself talking through how you prepare your favourite festive dish.

Pro Tip:
Film yourself in a range of shot types. Make sure to capture a ‘master shot’ of you at work, then go back and collect some additional shots to edit with. Try some closeups of you presenting, or you cooking from another angle.

Cutaway Shots

Include some close up shots of your process, e.g. if you’re melting chocolate or icing gingerbread, shoot some nice close up shots that you can edit into your video for extra detail.

Overhead Shots

You might want to film an overhead view of your workstation to capture your whole process. This works really well if you would prefer to add titles in rather than present your video yourself.

Pro Tip:
Make sure to leave some ‘negative’ (empty) space such as clear counter top space – this is where you can add in titles/instructions later on.

Atmospheric Seasonal Shots

You can also edit in some seasonal storytelling with additional shots of decorations or family members enjoying your food.

We recommend adding in some ‘arty’ festive flavour, with shots of lights or glistening baubles. You can add some additional effects onto these, playing with focus or adding in bokeh effects or filters to make everything seem extra festive!

Once you’ve collected in your footage, sequence your clips so that your recipe is clear and easy to follow. Make sure to include all your personal tips and tricks too!

Add in any titles and music you would like to feature (remember to make sure this is either available/approved on your platform, or is copyright free), as well as an transitions, filters or other effects.

We recommend trying to keep your video under 3 minutes long. Quick, snappy videos work really well and help to hold attention.

You can share your video online, or you can share by sending it to family members or friends.

If you would like to share it with us, please use the hashtag #sparksfestivefoodie2023. We’d love to see your videos!

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