Easter Camps – Filmmaking for Easter 2024

Sparks Film Schools Easter Holiday Camps - make a superhero film this school holiday

Easter Camps with Sparks Film Schools

Make a Superhero Blockbuster on this Filmmaking Easter Camp!

Take part in fun Easter Holiday Camps for action-packed Superhero movie making adventures.

Discover unforgettable fun, creative learning and make a movie to be proud of!

make a movie this easter holiday

Movie Making Easter Camps

“The best holiday course they’ve ever been on.”
Emma Murphy, parent

Make your own murder mystery movie in our fun Easter camps!

Take part to learn new skills and boost creativity this Easter holiday. Enjoy unforgettable fun and make a movie to be proud of.

Make Your Own Unique Movie this Easter

Immerse yourself as part of your own film crew, working on your own murder mystery movie production

Learn New Skills

Learn all about filmmaking, from directing, to acting, editing and beyond. Grow in confidence on both sides of the camera

Supercharge Creativity

Take part in fun, creative challenges to boost skills, storytelling and imagination during movie making Easter camps

Feel Proud

Working on real film projects, with hands on experiences and share your work with family and friends

Discover Unforgettable Fun

Easter Camps for Ages 5-14

Make Your Own Movie in Fun and Friendly Filmmaking Easter Camps


discover the magic of movie making

Movie Making Easter Camps

In action-packed Easter camps, young movie makers learn all about filmmaking, from both sides of the camera.

In our half term and holiday camps, young filmmakers work as a real film crew and produce their own productions from start to finish, just like on a real film set. They develop their own story and script, before shooting and starring in the production. Along the way, the learn lots of new creative skills, explore their imaginations and develop soft and social skills, such as teamwork and communication.

Everyone experiences the different creative and technical roles you find on the film set. Young crews step into the roles of director, camera crew, producers, actors, editors, designers and even more as they work together to make their own original movie.

It’s an action-packed experience, full of fun and creative learning for everyone taking part.

Framed: Murder Mystery Movie Easter Camps

Sparks Film School Easter Camp

Make a Superhero Blockbuster this Easter Holiday

This Easter our young filmmakers will be creating their own superhero blockbusters.   

Take part in fun Easter Holiday Camps for action-packed Superhero movie making adventures. Discover unforgettable fun, creative learning and make a movie to be proud of!

On The Unbeatables, young filmmakers will be flying through the air, saving the day and producing powerful effect sequences in this turbo-charged superpowered movie making workshop. 

The young filmmakers taking part create their own films, full of superpowered sequences, colourful costumes, unusual origin stories and amazing arch-villains.

Two young actors at a Sparks Film School course are rehearsing in front of a greenscreen. They both hold scripts. One in reading and one is speaking.
A group of young filmmakers stand together around a clipboard, laughing and smiling. There is a DSLR camera in the foreground.

Easter Camps:
Dates & Availability

Dates for Easter camps vary at each Sparks Film School location (depending on local school term dates).

To find dates for Easter camps available near you, please use our Class Finder tool, where you can also find the details for your nearest Sparks Film School courses.

Easter camps typically run for a school-length day, e.g. 9am – 3pm, or 10am – 4pm.

This year, Easter camps run as a 3 day programme.


There are places available for filmmakers aged 5-7 (Studio 1), 7-9 (Studio 2), 9-11 (Studio 3) and 11-14 (Studio 4).

Please be aware that not all Studios are available in every location.

There are 15 places available within each Studio, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reviews for Sparks Easter Camps

Take a look at what Sparks Film School students and families say about our filmmaking courses:

My 14 year old daughter was looking for a film class with people of her own age and found Sparks in Balham. She really enjoyed the open and collaborative group working at Sparks and learnt a lot about film directors and film making. She felt very comfortable and at ease there.”
Rosalind N.

“My kids have been taking part in Sparks clubs and holiday camps for over five years and have loved it. Making films gives them opportunities they don’t get day to day: to work as a team, be creative, learn technical film skills but also just have fun. To top it all off, they get to see their creations on the Big Screen at the end of term.” Alice M.

“My son had a fantastic week at sparks. I knew he’d love the behind the scenes filming and audio but I had no idea he would enjoy acting so much. The staff create such a welcoming environment which is perfect for them to express themselves and learn new skills. I’d highly recommend Sparks.”
Rebecca J.

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