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Sparks Film and Media Workshops for Schools

Our film and media workshops for schools enhance classroom learning, inspire creativity, and help to develop practical skills in film and media production.

We offer film and media projects for learners in primary and secondary schools, including sixth forms. Our workshop sessions are practical, engaging and we will always tailor our sessions to each school’s needs.

Film & Media Workshops

We provide participatory workshops in film, animation, photography and other media for schools and community/education groups

Ideal for Boosting Practical Skills

Our sessions are practical and engaging. We can provide equipment, or work with your school’s setup

Cross-Curricular or Subject-Specific

Our workshops for schools are highly customisable. We deliver film and media specific workshops, as well as cross-curricular options

Accredited Training Programmes

We support learners to gain qualifications including Arts Awards to recognise learning and create opportunities for the future.

Filmmaking & Media Workshops for Schools

Sparks is a film and media company for children and young people. We work with schools to inspire young filmmakers to develop their skills, talents and creativity.

Our practical and ‘hands on’ film and media workshops for schools help to engage, inspire and empower students to become creative producers of their own work.

Since we first started running filmmaking workshops in 2010, we’ve worked with over 10,000 young filmmakers. We’ve supported them to make over over 3,000 of their own film and media productions. Some films have even gone on to win film festival prizes and international screenings at events all over the world.

Many of the young filmmakers have gone on to pursue filmmaking in their futures too.

Our film and media workshops for schools help learners to develop a wide range of skills and discover new interests.

  • Creative and digital skills, including storytelling and production
  • Practical film and media skills, including photography, directing, editing and more
  • Knowledge of different artistic styles, conventions and genres
  • Acting and Performance skills
  • Soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, leadership and project management
  • Independent research and development skills
  • Critical thinking and evaluation skills.

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“Amazing and inspiring…

The International Inspirations workshop that Sparks ran at Warminster Prep School is one of my favourite days ever.”

Rebecca Glenny, Class Teacher, Warminster Prep School


Our filmmaking workshops teach about
live-action filmmaking and help to encourage different skills in film production.

Learners take part in writing, directing, cinematography, production crewing, production design, sound recording, performing to camera and editing workshops as they make their own film productions.


Our animation workshops teach about the different styles of animation, from traditional and 2D to 3D digital animation, stop-motion and motion graphics. Projects can focus on one style or introduce the whole range.

Animation workshops enable learners to express their creativity and further their artistic skills, whilst learning about a whole other artistic medium.


Our photography workshops are a great way for learners to explore visual storytelling and image-based creativity.

Learners explore both the creative and ‘editorial’ aspects of photography and technical skills to help them learn how to capture their ideal images. We explore different styles and formats and look at how images can be used for different purposes.

“I’m absolutely blown away by what you, your team and the young people have created together. Truly amazing, and exactly what I wished for both the project and young people.”

Errol D.
Young Brent Foundation

Bespoke Projects & Packages

Our film and media workshops can be tailored to suit your timetable, with different workshop packages for different needs.

Our flexible packages mean that workshops can take place as one-off events, or as longer form projects with your chosen learning objectives built in, or as regular activities within the school timetable.

Themed Projects

Projects can run in conjunction with any themed or off-timetable weeks and can support other activities within the school.

We can focus workshops solely on filmmaking and storytelling, or we can incorporate other themes or topics as areas of exploration.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We can provide film and media workshops as after-school clubs, or in other extra-curricular timings.

Film and Media Clubs can operate on a peripatetic basis (communicating directly with parents) or through the school, depending on your requirements.

PPA Cover

Our film and media workshops for schools can also double up as PPA cover or supply cover sessions.

Rates start from £220.00 per day.

Example Projects

For a look at some of our example projects, please get in touch with us below.

Our example projects include short films, animations, documentaries and photography projects with primary schools, secondary schools, sixth forms and mixed age groups.

You can also find some of our Reviews here >>

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