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Filmmaking Classes for Ages 5-18

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Sparks Filmmaking Classes

Youth Film Classes
for Ages 5-18

Sparks filmmaking classes ignite imagination, build confidence and encourage a host of new skills.

Young filmmakers learn all about the different aspects of filmmaking in our fun and friendly filmmaking classes.

Learn All About Film

Film classes cover every aspect of film production, from screenwriting, to acting, camera, editing and more

Develop New Skills

Learn practical filmmaking skills, as well as project skills, team-working and collaboration, communication and more

Supercharge Creativity

Take part in fun, creative challenges to ignite creativity, develop storytelling and imagination

Work on Real Projects

Have fun working on real films projects, with plenty of hands on experiences. You call the shots!

Learn from Experts

Our filmmaking instructors are all highly skilled, recruited from filmmaking backgrounds and with experience of the industry

Feel Proud

Build your own portfolio of film productions, expressing all your ideas and creativity. Enter international film festivals and competitions

EXPERIENCE the filmmaking MAGIC

Watch Behind the Scenes


Sparks Film School Filmmaking Classes

Young filmmakers taking part in Sparks filmmaking classes delve into every stage of the creative filmmaking process.

All our film classes offer practical, hands on activities and include making real film productions. 

Crew members explore all the different crew roles you find on a real film set, explore and develop their own creative ideas and work on real-life film making projects to boost their skills. 

Young filmmakers learn all about the creative aspects, as well as the technical aspects, as they build their own creative portfolios.

Sparks Film School | A crew of young filmmakers stand behind a camera laughing together.

Learn All About Filmmaking

In our filmmaking classes, young filmmakers learn new creative and technical skills in all aspects of filmmaking, from Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Screen Acting, Production Design, Video Editing and even more.

A group of young filmmakers stand together around a clipboard, laughing and smiling. There is a DSLR camera in the foreground.

Ignite Creativity & Imagination

Filmmaking classes are action-packed with creative challenges, from storytelling, design all the way through to editing.

Every term includes filmmaking masterclasses and new experiences to boost creativity.

Young filmmakers at Sparks Film School watch the filming of a scene through a camera. One of the young filmmakers is smiling and her eyes are full of imagination.

Engage in Hands-On Film Projects

All activities are hands-on and practical, using Project Based Learning techniques to inspire inquisition and exploration. Members work using a range of equipment and spaces to explore what it’s like to work on a real filmset.

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