How to Boost Film Sound Quality: 7 No or Low Budget Tips to Improve Film Sound

At Sparks Film Schools, we believe that everyone, regardless of budget or location, can create incredible and imaginative films.

Film sound quality is a crucial but often underestimated aspect of filmmaking. Sound can be a very challenging thing to get right, especially without lots of technical equipment, knowledge of microphones and attention to detail.

But there is plenty you can do without a huge production budget to maximise the sound quality of your films without expensive or complicated equipment.

Whether you’re a young filmmaker seeking to improve your films, or a parent helping your child explore the world of movies, these actionable sound tips will provide you with valuable ways to enhance sound in your film productions, all while keeping production costs down.

You can use a microphone with an adapter straight to your smartphone for low cost film sound quality

Use Your Smartphone Wisely

Lots of us have a high-quality recording device in our pockets or at home, in our phones! You can invest in a good external microphone that can be attached to your phone for clear and crisp audio. This budget-friendly and mobile option can significantly improve film sound quality.

You can also use your phone to record multiple takes or multiple tracks, and then edit them together later on.

You might even find a library of sound effects and you can make use of sound effects apps using your phone too.

Find Quiet Spaces for Film Sound Recording

When shooting at home, choose locations with minimal background noise. Close the windows to block out street sounds, especially any traffic noise, and encourage family members to be quiet during recording. It might be helpful to choose quiet times of day, try early mornings or late evenings to record.

Remember, silence is your best friend when it comes to film sound quality.

DIY Soundproofing

If you can’t avoid background noise, consider creating DIY soundproofing solutions when recording film sound. Hang thick blankets or comforters on walls and windows to reduce echo and external noise. Classes at Sparks Film Schools can teach you creative ways to soundproof your home set.

Get Up Close and Personal for Film Sound

Position your microphone as close to the sound source as possible. This minimises unwanted ambient noise and captures cleaner audio. Encourage actors to speak clearly and if required, to project their voices, so the microphone can pick up their dialogue effectively.

Sometimes, on a Sparks film set, we collect in a take just for the audio, with the microphone as close to the actors or sound source as we can. We then edit this together with earlier takes to maximise on location sound quality.

Use Foley Sound Effects

Get creative with sound effects! You can create your own Foley sound effects at home using everyday objects. From footsteps to doors creaking, experimenting with Foley adds a fun and authentic dimension to your films. Sparks Film Schools can show you how to master this art.

Audio editing is a key part of producing high quality film sound.

Use Free Audio Editing Software

There are plenty of free or low-cost audio editing software options available to support with improving your film sound quality. Learn how to edit your audio tracks to remove background noise, adjust levels, and add music and sound effects.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any skill, improving film sound quality takes practice. Experiment with different microphone placements, recording techniques, and editing processes. Don’t be discouraged by initial challenges – keep refining your film sound skills and other production techniques with guidance from Sparks Film Schools.

About Sparks Film Schools

At Sparks Film Schools, we believe that passion, creativity, and determination are the real ingredients for cinematic success. With these budget-friendly tips, you can significantly enhance the sound quality of your home films and bring your stories to life.

Visit Sparks Film Schools to discover our educational programs designed to nurture young filmmakers and inspire them to achieve their cinematic dreams. Let your imagination run wild and create captivating films!

Sparks Film Schools teach children and young people, ages 5-18, all about filmmaking. Our fun and practical courses help to ignite imagination, inspire creativity and develop a huge range of skills. You can find out more about our filmmaking classes and our holiday courses here >>

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