Camera In Your Pocket? How To Make Films On a Phone

Move over, Spielberg, there’s a raft of new movie makers in town. Thanks to smart technology, we all have the means to make films on a phone or tablet. That includes filming, editing, sharing results and even ordering pizzas for the wrap party afterwards.

Today, everyone can get involved in film making, using equipment you likely already have at home.

Start With Some Filmmaking Classes

How many of us have never explored the filmmaking apps on our smart phone? They can open up a whole world of film making and video editing and even spark a lifelong interest in working with multimedia using green screens. While anyone can pick up a phone and start filming, some know-how and some preparations can definitely help.

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This might include signing up for film making classes. Taking part in Sparks film making classes will teach you how to transfer your stories and ideas to screen using lots of different film making tips. Taking part also offers insights into how to grab an audience’s attention. Then, once you have mastered some of the basics, you can get out your phone and start showing off your skills!

What You Need To Make Films On a Phone

You should start by deciding what you are going to film. This could involve writing a script, planning a storyboard, location scouting, sourcing costumes and props and casting actors. You might want to gather a team together to help out with filming, acting or helping out with creative ideas – teamwork makes the dream work.

Next, you’ll just need to get your phone or tablet ready. Take a look in the camera settings to make sure you’ll film using high quality video settings (try Full HD or 4K) and make sure you have plenty of memory space available.

Also, don’t forget the charger – you might need to recharge regularly if filming for a long time!

Sparks Film Courses for Teenagers

You don’t necessarily need much more equipment, especially if you’re just starting out, but you might want to consider a tripod to keep the camera steady. You can get plenty of adapters so a standard tripod can hold your phone or your tablet.

If you really want to aim for high quality, you can also try out using portable lights, light meters, lenses and extra grip for any tracking shots. Lighting is definitely a good addition if you’re shooting at night, or in low-light conditions.

A good external microphone can also help to make sure you capture high quality sound. Make sure you have plenty of batteries or access to the power you need.

Film Making Tips

You can find lots film making tips for young film makers that can come handy right here on our blog.

Make sure to arrive early at your location as you may need plenty of time to set up, film and shoot multiple takes. Schedule times for breaks and snacks – nobody works well on an empty stomach!

Always ask permission from the people you are filming and from locations you are using to make films on a phone.

Stay calm and make sure to enjoy the process. If someone makes a mistake, just reshoot the scene and then carry on. Bloopers can make the best memories of any film project.

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Try out multiple angles of the same scene to choose from later on when you are editing.

Always stay safe – don’t attempt any dangerous stunts. Bring warm clothing for people to wrap up in when they are not needed on camera. Treat everyone on the team as professionals and let them know what is expected of them. This includes letting people know when they must be quiet so as not to disturb the scene.

Editing Tips

Leave yourself lots of time to edit your film as it can be a long, painstaking process. Practise with your chosen apps so that you know how to use them confidently. Save your progress regularly so that you don’t inadvertently lose anything important.

Check out the advanced features on your editing apps too, as these can make the results look amazing. This includes special effects. You can download separate special effects apps or special effects plug ins to help scenes come to life when you make films on a phone.

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Keep an open mind and listen to people’s suggestions. Stop and review progress regularly so that you can get a feel for how the overall film is developing. You may find that new ideas strike you, even at this stage in the process that will benefit the production. You can learn a lot about film editing by attending filmmaking classes. Choose classes that teach you about working behind the camera as well as out in front.

What Apps To Use?

There are dozens of free filmmaking apps available, ranging in quality, features, cost and ease of use. Here are four well-known apps to try out and explore to get you started.


iMovie is filmmaking apps that comes free on Apple iPhones and iPads. You can use it to make home movies and edit clips together. You can also add photos and a soundtrack, create transitions and apply a range of special effects. After filming footage on your phone or tablet, open the iMovie app and tap play to preview. You can then use the ‘projects’ functionality to start editing and creating your finished film. You can also add narration using the microphone on your device.


This is another app that comes free with the latest iPhones. It allows the user to link video clips together to create one long film.

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While the editing functions aren’t quite as extensive as iMovie, it can still help you record a basic film and add music, voiceovers, special effects and still images. It works especially well for YouTube and TikTok creations.


Microsoft’s video editor lets you turn film clips into a slick production combining video, photos and music. It is one of the simpler ways to make films on a phone. As well as basic editing capabilities, MovieMaker allows you to add image filters, zoom effects and transitions to jazz up the final production. Great for school projects as well as social media videos and movies created for filmmaking classes.

Filmmaker Pro

This app is a free Android film editing tool that is readily available from app stores. It can add music to a film, as well as provide editing functions, filters, animations and text.

It also offers sound effects and an easy-to-use interface for people who are just learning how to make films on a phone. Results are decent and highly suitable for YouTube and other social media outlets.

Have a go!

Finally, the most important thing to remember when you decide to make films on a phone is to get out there and start trying things out. Have fun, experiment and see what works for you.

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