Introducing: True Colours

As part of our term time filmmaking classes at Sparks Film School, we introduce a brand new theme every term.

The termly theme offers new inspiration and opportunities for creativity. It’s also an educational gateway for us to introduce new specific filmmaking techniques to our classes, so that every term, our film students are continuing to develop their knowledge of filmmaking and their practical skills too.

For the Spring Term 2024, we’re excited to explore the brand new creative theme of: True Colours!

True Colours will offer exciting opportunities for filmmakers to explore both creative and technical elements of how colour is used within filmmaking.

True Colours

Next term (running from January to April 2024 at Sparks Film Schools across the UK), young filmmakers taking part in Sparks filmmaking classes will explore lots of new techniques based on how colour can be used to achieve different effects within filmmaking.

Across the different studio age groups, Sparks Film School students will explore:

  • Different colour palettes and how to use colour to help tell a story
  • Specific lighting effects associated with colour, chiaroscuro and contrast
  • Colour grading techniques and image-editing techniques to maximise the potential of colour work
  • Colour work within production design, set and costume design working within colour palettes
  • Colours as visual accents
  • Working within black and white

The theme will help filmmakers to add new techniques to their knowledge, skills and experience of filmmaking.

It will also help our students to produce a series of new and original film productions throughout the spring term.

Spring Term 2024

The spring term starts in January and runs through to April, just in time for the spring term holidays.

During this time, the young film students (aged between 5 and 18) meet weekly to explore the new techniques and develop their filmmaking skills. Throughout the spring term, they will work towards a unique set of new film productions, which are crafted by the young filmmakers and based all around their ideas.

Within our filmmaking classes, Sparks Film School students work through the entire creative process, where they write their own stories and scripts, design, rehearse and prepare for their shoots. They direct, shoot, crew and star in their own unique productions and they also lead on editing their work too.

We know this theme will be both inspirational and challenging, so we’re excited to see what the young crews come up with!

How collaboration boosts creativity | a group of young filmmakers on set producing a film together

Sparks Filmmaking Classes

Our youth filmmaking classes are available at Sparks Film Schools around the UK.

Classes help to inspire and develop the skills of young filmmakers. Taking part helps to build confidence, creativity and also offers a creative community for young filmmakers to reach their potential.

You can find out more about our filmmaking classes and how to get involved here.

Dates, times and studio age groups vary by Sparks Film School location. You can find your nearest Sparks Film School and your nearest available filmmaking classes here.

We offer free filmmaking trial classes for newcomers and – subject to availability – we welcome filmmakers to join our young film crews at any time of the year.

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Learn More about Sparks Film School

Sparks Film School inspires young filmmakers aged 5-18 to reach their full potential. We help children and teenagers to develop their confidence, knowledge and skills, as well as to build up a network of friends and collaborators.

We offer filmmaking, animation and photography courses from our 30+ UK film school locations.

Our filmmaking classes run outside of school during term time, alongside fun filmmaking holiday camps during half term holidays and the summer.

You can find out more about Sparks Film School here.

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