Latest Updates: Covid-19 Lockdown Announcement

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In response to the lockdown announced in England on 02/11/2020

Under the latest guidance, we’ll be forced to close our face-to-face classes and move to our online backup programme for the next few weeks.

Whilst this comes as a bit of a blow, it’s a situation we’ve been preparing for. We’ll be doing all we can to minimise the disruption to all our young filmmakers and make sure they can still benefit from taking part.

Our online workshops have been designed to very closely mirror the face-to-face courses. We tested the approach over the summer, to really positive feedback. All activities take place live with the filmmakers working together to produce their films and to develop the same skills and techniques. All the activities are still very workshop-focused, with engaging creative, practical and collaborative activities.

We’ll also be programming some extra activities and events, which will provide lots of bonus filmmaking and activity to keep filmmakers motivated and in touch with one another through the next month.

Thanks so much for your continued patience and support. It’s been a really tough year and we know the announcement has come as a disappointment to everyone, but we’re confident that we can continue to offer enriching creative learning, even under lockdown conditions.

We’ll be in touch with class members directly by email and we’ll continue to update here with details as we confirm things.

With love and virtual hugs,

All the Team at Sparks ?

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