Meet Audrey, Sparks Film School Student

We sat down with Sparks Film School student Audrey, age 12, to find out more about her journey as a young filmmaker and her time with Sparks Film School.

Audrey is a part of the Studio 4 crew (for ages 11-14), who meet to explore and develop their ideas, creativity and technical skillset. Members of Studio 4 are often aspiring young professionals, who plan to build a future career in film and media, or within the creative industries.

Sparks Film School Student Audrey

Can you tell me about when you first joined Sparks Film School? What was it like?I first joined when I was around 11 years old, and I joined through taking part in a filmmaking summer camp. It was really fun but it was a lot different than what I was expecting. I didn’t realise we would be using real cameras and learning all these techniques that real professional movie makers use. Now I come every week.

What first interested you about filmmaking?Well, I’ve always been into acting and I thought “this seems cool”, so we signed up for the summer camp and I found it to be really fun.

Although I’m more interested in the acting side of things, I find the behind the camera roles really fun too. When you’re not in the scene and you are instead directing, or AD’ing it [First, Second or Third Assistant Directing], or operating the camera, I also find that really fun. 

How would you say your filmmaking has developed over your time with Sparks Film School? What kind of things have you learned about?

When I first joined it was all brand new to me and I was learning as I went, but now I’ve been attending the regular filmmaking classes, I think my filmmaking skills have gotten much better. I have improved on my technical skills like knowing and using different camera angles, and how I like to use the camera. I have simply gotten better through my time here.

What has been your favourite Sparks production you have worked on?

I have worked on a lot! My favourite one however is definitely Sunshineville.

It all started with a warm-up game before we started the session, and I just came up with this idea of Sunshineville and the person next to me came up with Downtown Sunshineville which is a dark version of it.

We all then thought “this is a good idea for a film!”

So we made it into the film and it was so funny. We all think it turned out the best, especially with the editing. I think it was a really collaborative process as everyone’s ideas crunched together. We added lots of everyone’s input and ideas into the film and it made the film really easy and fun to make.

Tell me about some other films you have made with Sparks Film School?

One of my first ones was Oxygen, and then we did Laurensgate Disaster and now Sunshineville… So loads! The creative process has always felt quite collaborative and inclusive of everyone’s ideas, but my favourite is definitely Sunshineville

What advice would you have for younger filmmakers/ other children interested in joining Sparks Film School or learning more about filmmaking?

My advice is to listen to people because if you just focus on your idea you won’t be able to hear other people’s great ideas, and make sure to listen and take part in the technical aspects of the class, so that you’re able to work well on the set.

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