Meet George, Film School Student at Sparks Film School Guildford

Young filmmaker George, age 9, is a student at Sparks Film School Guildford, where he works as part of the film crew in Studio 3.

Find out more about George’s time as a young filmmaker and as a Sparks film school student. 

Can you tell me about when you first joined Sparks Film School? What was it like?

Well, when I first joined, I was very excited but also felt quite shy at the same time. The first time I went I made some new friends and met all these nice and lovely people which helped me enjoy it, as everyone was really happy in the session.

What first interested you in filmmaking?

I was really interested in Aardman Animations.

I had watched a lot of the studio’s films and also made my own animations. I was using plasticine, but I had started by making animated films with Lego.

When I was making them, I heard about Sparks Film School and thought I wanted to learn how to film properly because when I was making them on my own I wanted to improve my camera work and filmmaking skills.

The young crew at Sparks Film School Guildford work with a greenscreen on set during one of their latest youth film productions

George on set with his crew mates, working on one of their film productions

How would you say your filmmaking has developed over your time with Sparks Film School? What kind of things have you learned about?

I have learned how to use the green screen. I have also learned how to use different camera techniques to create different scenes and how a scene is set up.

I have also learnt to be a very good actor! I liked acting before but I wanted to develop my acting, so I was interested in Sparks because of that. I love acting because it’s fun! Everybody can see you on camera and you can be seen in the film which is really cool! 

Young filmmaker George overlooks a DSLR camera

What has been your favourite Sparks production you have worked on?

I would say The Phantom Dinner Host because it was a suspenseful film, with a mystery to find the villain. I love the music we edited into it as it is quite creepy music and I thought it was really entertaining! It was really interesting to make that film with everyone. 

Tell me about some other films you have made with Sparks Film School?

I love Apocalyptic Spies! I loved wearing the scientist costume and acting in that one. I also loved making the quick news sections where we did a Breaking News scene with all the jingly music and everything! We were talking about zombies and using chairs as cars! It was really creative and fun.

What advice would you have for younger filmmakers or other children who are interested in joining Sparks Film School or learning more about filmmaking?

I’d say lots of things! I’d say you can be really creative, you can bring props, you can use the green screen, you get to be the actor, and you get to make great films. It’s really entertaining and you can do lots of really cool things!

Find out more…

George is a term time student at Sparks Film School in Guildford, Surrey.

Find out more about opportunities to join, or find your nearest Sparks Film School here >>

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