Meet Jasper, 10: Sparks Film School Student and Aspiring YouTuber

Young filmmaker and aspiring YouTuber Jasper (age 10) is a film school student at Sparks Film School in Leatherhead, Surrey, where each week, he’s working as part of the Studio 3 filmmaking crew.

Find out more about Jasper’s time as a young filmmaker and as a Sparks film school student. 

What first interested you about filmmaking?

I was interested before coming to Sparks, but I really started to properly enjoy filmmaking when I joined Sparks. The part I really enjoy is the writing of the films. I like writing the stories of the films we create together.

Tell us about when you first joined Sparks Film School. What was it like?

When I first joined Sparks Film School, I found it really fun being able to make your own films that came from your own ideas, and it was a really nice environment!

It was my mum’s suggestion, as she knew I was interested in filmmaking and looking for new clubs, and she said ‘there is a film club called Sparks’. I started to really like it when I started coming.

Young filmmaker Jasper with a fellow young crew member, behind a camera lining up a shot.

Young filmmaker Jasper with a fellow Sparks Film School crew member, lining up a shot on the camera

How would you say your filmmaking has developed over your time with Sparks? What kind of things have you learned about?

I would say I have definitely got a lot better, I’ve improved massively.

When I first joined, I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling when we were filming, but as I’ve been with Sparks I’ve started to take it more seriously and it feels a lot more natural. I guess I would say I am a lot more professional now when it comes to filmmaking!

So far we’ve learned about the different themes of films, lots of different filming techniques, and how the camera works. We also learn about all the roles on a film set from directors, camera operators etc.

What has been your favourite Sparks Film School production you have worked on?

We did a film quite recently called Locked Inside, which I really enjoyed.

Normally I don’t play the villain, but this was one of the very few times I played the villain. I liked writing the film and I think the way it was filmed is really good. I think we used some great filming techniques that we have been learning about in the sessions.

Have you made any other films with Sparks?

I’ve made a lot… Up to my count I’ve made 11 films!

The first film I made with Sparks was called Agent Hex. I played Agent Hex and it was a secret agent/spy kind of theme! Agent Hex and his partner and they had set out to solve a mystery that was actually a fake setup, and the people who run the spy agency are in disguise and trying to shut down the agency from within. It’s a really good watch and an action-based film so it was really fun to make. 

What advice would you have for younger filmmakers or other children interested in joining Sparks Film School, or learning more about filmmaking?

I’d say always try and put your idea forward. Don’t be afraid to just say your ideas, don’t feel you need to hide. You don’t need to be shy.

When I first joined I was a bit shy because I thought “New people! New club! I don’t know exactly what’s going on!” So I was quite quiet but after doing it, I found it’s about getting your opinions out there along with your ideas. It’s about teamwork and making the experience good for everyone. You can always put your ideas forward, nobody will tell you that you can’t. You can always try an idea!

Alongside being a member at Sparks, I know you have a YouTube channel

Yes, I make Film Theory videos on the weekends for my YouTube channel.

There is a channel on YouTube called ‘Film Theory’ and they do theories about all sorts of things because they have multiple channels about different topics. It just influenced me and I thought “Well, here’s some really nice films I have made with other people. Why not make theory videos about them?”

So far I have made two videos, but I want to make another one about the film we are currently making in the weekend sessions, but I have to wait another week for it to be wrapped on filming before I can create another theory video. 

What inspired you to start making them?

I wanted to try it out and see whether I could do it.  I watch them back and I’m proud of them. I was quite nervous when making them as I had never done that kind of thing, and people on YouTube make it look so easy. They make it look like you just need a camera, something to say and you just go! It really isn’t though, it made me feel quite nervous and it’s quite a lot of work.

How do you make them? What is the process?

When making them I watch the film, spot for clues and evidence of my theory. I then rewrite the story into a short synopsis for the audience. This is the only bit I actually write for the script, the rest I just present. I make them all myself and then edit them together with my Dad. I really want to continue making them as I really enjoy it. 

About Sparks Film School:

Jasper is a Studio 3 film student with Sparks Film School Dorking & Leatherhead.

If you’d like to find out more about Jasper’s filmmaking, Studio 3, or other filmmaking classes, then take a look here >>

If you’re interested in becoming a Sparks Film School student, you can register here >> for any upcoming classes or courses.

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