Meet Leo, Sparks Film School Student

This month we sat down with Leo, a Sparks Film School member. Leo attends his weekly workshops at Sparks Film School Guildford. We asked him about his experience on set, and what goes on behind the scenes at Sparks!

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Leo hard at work on set!

Can you tell me about when you first joined Sparks Film Schools? What was it like?

I was a bit scared at first, but when I actually got into the workshops it became more natural to me each week I went to the sessions and I started to really enjoy it. I made lots of friends and now it feels like everyone at Sparks is my friend!

What first interested you about filmmaking?

Well, I liked acting and audio visual (AV), I liked drama and watching films and TV, so one day I thought ‘why not join a filmmaking class?’. I joined because I wanted to learn more about the things I already really enjoyed and to meet new friends!

How would you say your filmmaking has developed over your time with Sparks? What kind of things have you learned about?

I’ve learned a lot about camera technique and different shots and framing techniques. I’ve learned I like to use the wide shot, birds eye view shot, low shot, loads of types of shot! Sparks has taught me a lot about the camera and I have really enjoyed it. I also really like using the POV and tracking shots, they are quite cool too I think! We’ve been also thinking about why we use these shots and how we can use them to help tell the audience whatever it is we want to tell them.

What has been your favourite Sparks production you have worked on?

Probably ‘Death Trap’ which was my second film I worked on. That would be my favourite. Basically it’s about a haunted school with poison, and an army of ghosts and demons! I played a police officer in the film and I had a great ending. It’s a thriller/horror/mystery film and I helped create the storyline, I shot lots of the shots as camera operator and took charge as director as well as acting in the film. I was all really cool! I really like how we get to try lots of different jobs on the set.

Watch Death Trap

Tell me about some other films you have made with Sparks?

I think the first ever film I made was called  ‘Astroturf’. It’s about astronauts that go into space, and there are good aliens and evil aliens. The good aliens try to help them escape the moon, but the evil aliens try to start a fight because the astronauts littered on the moon. The astronauts manage to escape the moon in time though. I’ve worked on some really great films with Sparks and love it!

Watch Astroturf here

What advice would you have for younger filmmakers/ other children interested in joining Sparks or learning more about filmmaking?

I’d say you don’t need to worry! If you want to go and act, then go and act because you don’t need to worry about how it looks on camera or what everyone else is doing. Just do your best and remember there is nothing to worry about because you can always try again if you mess up or make a mistake!

Leo attends the Sparks Film School weekly classes in Guildford.

Sparks Film Schools offer weekly filmmaking classes at a range of venues across the UK. If you’d like to take part, you can find your nearest Sparks Film School here >>

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