Meet Marta, Head of Sparks Film School Chelsea & Fulham

We sat down for a chat with Marta Lopez, who is joining Sparks Film School as the new Head of Sparks in Chelsea and Fulham.

Chelsea and Fulham is the newest Sparks Film School to open up and will welcome young filmmakers to filmmaking courses, classes and camps from spring 2024.

As a lifelong film fanatic, Marta is passionate about helping young filmmakers to flourish. Find out more about Marta’s journey and her ambitions for young filmmakers in Chelsea and Fulham in our interview below.

Marta, tell us why you’re excited to launch a new Sparks Film School…

I am delighted launching a new Sparks Film School! It is like a dream come true.

It is very exciting thinking that I will be able to encourage and support young filmmakers, while picking up new knowledge and abilities of my own as I step into the role of Head at Sparks Film School Chelsea and Fulham.

I understand that each day will bring new challenges, this makes me feel very motivated and eager to start my new adventure, surrounded by very talented people.

You say “it’s like a dream come true” for you – tell us more!

I have been teaching in London for more than twenty years, mainly in the Primary setting, but I also have experience teaching in Secondary and in Adult Education. During all this time, I have been a teacher of Spanish, as I love languages, travelling and exploring new cultures.

But I have this great passion for cinema. I have got a BA in Film and Media Studies in London and I have also got a diploma in Screenwriting with the ICM (Institute of Cinema in Madrid). My heart has been with film for a long time. I believe that my extensive experience teaching children and my infatuation for anything related to the fascinating world of movies makes for a perfect combo to inspire the filmmakers of the future. This is what has lead me here to this opportunity and I can’t wait to welcome our first students to Sparks in Chelsea and Fulham!

What skills, experience or passion for film are you most excited to share with your new film school members?

As part of my teaching career, I have also been the Subject Leader of Modern Foreign Languages for some years now. Being a subject leader has provided me with plenty of transferable skills, such as leadership and how to lead by example, being organised, how to be open and approachable, how to nurture and support children to achieve and reach their potential, how to communicate well with colleagues, and how to make learning engaging and appealing.

Right now (and thanks to Zoom!) I am currently working on my own film project, re-writing with other two Spanish screenwriters the selling document of our comedy series, Rockeras a Muerte (Rockers to the Death)! I would love to share my love for comedy and screenwriting with my new film school members. I am sure we can make films together while making new friends and having fun. It’s not just going to be Wallace and Gromit who have a grand day out!

Sparks Film School in Chelsea and Fulham is set to launch in Spring 2024. For more information, please get in touch.

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