Meet Philip, Sparks Film School Student

We sat down with Sparks Film School student Philip, age 12, to find out more about his journey as a young filmmaker and his time with Sparks Film School.

Philip is a part of the Studio 4 crew (for ages 11-14) at Sparks Film School Ealing, who meet to explore and develop their ideas, creativity and technical skillset. Members of Studio 4 are often aspiring young professionals, who plan to build a future career in film and media, or within the creative industries. This term Philip and his crew mates are exploring all aspects of the use of colour in film as part of our True Colours project.

Can you tell me about when you first joined Sparks Film School? What was it like?

I first joined in 2018, I have been coming for a while now! I originally joined the classes in Hampstead, and then went all over the place with Sparks! I went to Balham then Sparks Chiswick when that opened, and now I attend Sparks in Ealing. It was really new to me when I first joined, different to how I expected. After my first session I still felt a bit unsure, It took me a few sessions to feel more confident and start to really like it. Now I love it!

What first interested you about filmmaking?

I always found the idea of using cameras and how films use cameras really fascinating. I always was a film fan and liked the idea of being behind the camera. I found the types of shots and how the camera is used to be really interesting!

How would you say your filmmaking has developed over your time with Sparks? What kind of things have you learned about?

I think generally my filmmaking skills have gotten better! I have learnt how to edit too which I have really enjoyed. Like I say, I really enjoy learning about different shot types, and I have really developed with my technical side of filming. I can pan with the camera and keep it much more stable now when doing shots that require more movement!

What has been your favourite Sparks production you have worked on?

‘Jonny American Part Deux’. It was a sequel to a previous film we had made and I think the end result turned out really good, and with some amazing editing. The film is a spy comedy spoof film, and it was really fun to be a part of.

Tell me about some other films you have made with Sparks Film Schools?

I have done quite a number now! ‘Post Historic’, ‘Cult of The Red Crisp’ (which was actually recently nominated for an award as part of Sparks Camera Games!), ‘The Prophecy’. All of these have been quite different from each other, and they all have explored different genres and themes. It’s been fun to explore different styles of filmmaking, and we’ve set ourselves a range of film challenges for each different production. It’s good to keep mixing it up! So ‘Cult of The Red Crisp’ was a horror thriller, whilst ‘Post Historic’ was a sci-fi, futuristic film that included dinosaurs!

What advice would you have for younger filmmakers/ other children interested in joining Sparks Film Schools or learning more about filmmaking?

My advice is to listen to people because if you just focus on your idea you won’t be able to hear other people’s great ideas, and make sure to listen and take part in the technical aspects of the class, so that you’re able to work well on the set.

Find out more about opportunities to join, or find your nearest Sparks Film School here >>

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