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Alison F.


My 12 year old daughter did a one week summer film course with Tim and his team. She had a great time and made new friends. I highly recommend Sparks for any child interested in film making or wanting to try something new. Tim is so knowledgeable and wonderful with the kids.


Young Filmmaker

Sparks was a fun week of exploring creativity. I liked that you to try all the different jobs of making a movie. The leaders were encouraging and kind. Working with the other kids was fun. I would do it again!

Catherine A.


The girls absolutely LOVE the film!!! They clearly had so much fun making it and have watched it on repeat since last night. Thank you so much for facilitating such a unique, educational and exciting experience for them all. We are thrilled that they were able to take part and hope they can join you for another course soon. We have nothing but positive feedback about our experience. Thank you to you and your team for a brilliant first experience of the magic of Sparks.

Matthew J.


We wanted to thank you and your colleagues for everything you have done for our son. As an autistic child who was not sporty or performative, Sparks was an opportunity for him to explore his interest in the technical side of filmmaking in a safe space that was welcoming and friendly. The last couple of years have been difficult for him and us as we have tried to find him a supportive new school, so Sparks was a positive weekly session where we knew he would see familiar children and trustworthy adults who would keep him busy with an enjoyable activity and take his mind off of things for a couple of hours a week. We are very grateful to you and your team for all your help and support.

Georgina B.


All 3 of my children age 12 10 and 8 went to sparks and they all absolutely loved it. Tim and the team were incredible with all the children. They and so much fun and actually want to go back. They managed to learn things I could never teach them and they were so excited to come home each day and tell me about there film and what they had been doing. Will definitely be going again.

Melissa G.


Sparks was a fantastic experience for my two American children spending their summer abroad. The camp was run very thoughtfully and professionally with great communication and care from the administrators and teachers. They foster a nurturing learning environment that gets students excited about their project. They were especially sensitive to my son with special needs, taking care to make sure he found his role and that he felt confident in it. My kids RUSHED to camp every morning (sometimes costumed!) because they were so excited to do the day’s filming. We’re very much hoping to have them attend Sparks in the coming years. A wonderful camp. Highly recommend!

Lisbeth S.


James has been with Sparks since he was 8 years old. He was shy at school and not sporty. Sparks has been brilliant for him socially, and really inspired in him an interest in film.

James is 16 years old and moving on from Sparks now, a much more confident person and going onto study film and writing. He made some lovely friends there, and the teachers were excellent and very supportive. I couldn’t recommend Sparks enough! They did an excellent job.

Cat B.


My son attended the Easter holiday camp. He didn’t know anyone attending with him so was a little apprehensive beforehand however there were lots of warm up activities and he got to know everyone very quickly. He can be a bit reserved if he doesn’t know people but the leaders got all children participating including presenting and directing others. Our son learnt a lot of presentation, leadership and collaboration skills without realising as he was focussing on the creative aspects. We were impressed how all the children worked together, learnt to pitch their ideas to each other and created the film as a group. He really enjoyed learning about camera angles and why they’re used and is now able to point this out when watching his favourite films. The end film is a lovely memento of the camp and it was great to have the behind the scenes movie as

Elisabeth M.


My children absolutely loved their 3 days with the lovely team from Sparks, gaining their first insights into the exciting world of film making. The end result ie. the short movie, blew me away! It was so brilliantly done and looked like all the children had great fun in the process. Indeed, their verdict at the end was unanimous: “This was the best camp ever!”

Stephen P.


My daughter really enjoys these workshops and has met some nice friends in the process. She is always very excited to see the final film that they have created together and the mix of creative, technical and performance activities is a great combination for her. The staff are friendly, supportive and seem to take a great deal of pride in the children’s achievements.

James A.


My daughter loves her time with Sparks. She first went to a holiday camp in February half term and had so much fun that she asked to sign up for the weekly courses too. The concept and the sessions are great – she gets to exercise her imagination in a fully supportive environment while building her ability to work creatively and collaboratively as part of a team; at the same time as learning lots of practical new skills. And at the end of it, she gets to see her success in the excellently edited film – something she’s very proud of and has shared with school in show and tell. Thank you for running such a great club.

Alexandra N.

Young Filmmaker

It is a great club to go to and it is the perfect way to find a future career in filmmaking. I have really enjoyed coming here and recommend it to anyone who wants to make movies.

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