Sparks Film School Hove Students Win at the Horsham Film Festival 2022

Young filmmakers from Sparks Film School Hove have yet another Best Film award to add to their trophy cabinets!

The young filmmakers who produced A Spy Through Time earlier on this year were congratulated and awarded at the Horsham Film Festival, where they were were awarded ‘Best Film by Under 18s’. It’s their second Best Film win, after winning at the Children’s International Film Festival of Wales earlier this year.

The Horsham Film Festival 2022

The Horsham Film Festival is organised by SilverTip Films and each year celebrates talent in filmmaking from the Horsham, Surrey and Sussex region. Along with A Spy Through Time, other winners included films awarded for Best Comedy, Best Animation and Best Drama. The winners were announced recently at the film festival’s award ceremony and we share our congratulations with all involved!

A Spy Through Time tells the story of a time-travelling spy, who visits the past to save the world from nuclear destruction. It’s an ambitious and stylish film production, with some fantastic, clear visual storytelling, confident acting performances and plenty packed in to its short running time! It was produced in the spring by young filmmakers aged 10-12, who are all incredibly proud of its success with film festivals so far!

Charlotte, who plays Agent Carter in the film said, “Thank you very much for this award, we’re all thrilled to have won. We all really enjoyed making A Spy Through Time, I hope you’ve enjoyed watching it too.”

Clara, the film’s Spy Master and one of the crew members, adds “Thank yo so much for this award. We had such a great experience making it and I’m really proud of what we did. Thank you so much to Sparks Film School Hove for giving us these opportunities.”

A Spy Through Time, winner of Best Film by Under 18s at the Horsham Film Festival and winner of Best Film at the Children’s International Film Festival of Wales

The young crews have also been highly industrious since the making of A Spy Through Time, adding some even more ambitious and playful work to their portfolios.

In the summer term, the same crews worked hard to produce The Puppeteer, a chilling and mysterious quest, full of interesting and detailed camera work. This film was part of the Camera Games, a competition amongst all Sparks Film School students designed to show off their skills.

Take a look at The Puppeteer below:

The Puppeteer, by young filmmakers at Sparks Film School Hove, made during Summer Term 2022.

The filmmakers from Sparks Film School Hove have also just wrapped on their latest productions, which they are all very excited to share. This term, the young filmmakers have been working towards the theme ‘Screen Legends’, where they have been exploring the influence of several legendary filmmakers to inspire their own productions.

Their latest film productions will be available to watch soon. To see their latest film releases, keep an eye on the Sparks Film School Hove YouTube channel, where you can also find lots of productions by other Hove film crews.

What Next?

The young filmmakers at Sparks Film School Hove will continue building on their knowledge and skills in some brand new filmmaking projects and challenges from January. Next term, they’ll explore The Camera Never Lies, a new theme that introduces different storytelling formats including factual, narrative fiction and the grey area in between. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next time and we’re sure they’ll see even more success at film festivals in the future!

If you’d like more information on filmmaking classes, school holiday camps, or other opportunities for young filmmakers at Sparks Film School Hove, then please get in touch. There are filmmaking classes available for ages 7+ based at BHASVIC and new joiners are welcome throughout the year. If you’re interested in becoming a student at Sparks Film School in Hove, then you can also find details of upcoming film courses and how to register here.

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    • They have some fantastic new films in the pipeline – we look forward to sharing them with you! Thanks so much for acknowledging their hard work and creativity, it’s so great to see this being recognised amongst such strong grown up work. Thanks for all the effort in organising the festival too, we hope to be a part of it again next year! Have a lovely Christmas!


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