Sparks Film School Hove: Winners of Best Film, Children’s International Film Festival of Wales 2022

Congratulations to the young filmmakers from Studio 3 at Sparks Film School Hove on their epic film festival win!

The makers of A Spy Through Time, a production make by young filmmakers at our Hove branch, have just been awarded the incredible title of Best Film at the Children’s International Film Festival of Wales.

The Children’s International Film Festival of Wales celebrates the best and brightest in International film programmes for children, students, and professional filmmakers from across the world. This includes, short films, feature films, animations, and films that inspire younger generations.

A Spy Through Time was nominated for a huge four categories at the festival, eventually winning the Best Film award for productions made by filmmakers aged 7-12 years old.

A Spy Through Time tells the story of a time-travelling spy sent back in time to retrieve Cold War nuclear launch codes. It was made by young filmmakers from Studio 3 (ages 10-12) at Sparks Film School Hove during the spring and entered into the festival earlier this year. You can watch the film for yourself below!

Craig and Nick, Directors at Sparks Film School Hove, who supported the young filmmakers to produce the winning film told us how proud they are of the crew members involved. The filmmakers who produced the winning film are some of the first young filmmakers to attend film courses at the Hove film school, which first launched in February 2022. To make such a fantastic and celebrated film on one of their earliest productions is a real achievement and we’re all very proud of them.

Sparks Film School Hove Win Best Film at CIFFOW

The young filmmakers who produced A Spy Through Time devised the storyline from scratch, before producing, directing, shooting, editing and also starring in the production.

Taking part over the course of a school term, the young filmmakers attended filmmaking classes at Sparks Film School, where they develop their skills and knowledge in filmmaking, as well as applying them to their own unique film projects.

They were understandably delighted to receive their nominations, and even prouder to have won the award for Best Film.

Watch Their Acceptance Video for Best Film

Charlotte, who plays Agent Carter in the film said, “Thank you very much for this award, we’re all thrilled to have won. We all really enjoyed making A Spy Through Time, I hope you’ve enjoyed watching it too.”

Clara, the film’s Spy Master and one of the crew members, adds “Thank yo so much for this award. We had such a great experience making it and I’m really proud of what we did. Thank you so much to Sparks Film School Hove for giving us these opportunities.”

Watch a Spy Through Time

Take Part at Sparks Film School Hove

If you’d like to join the crew at Sparks Film School Hove, then there are places available for filmmakers ages 7-18. Filmmaking classes take place at BHASVIC, 205 Dyke Rd, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 6EG, each week on Saturdays.

You can join in with trial filmmaking classes completely free, with options to sign up longer term available monthly and termly.

As a filmmaker at Sparks Film School Hove, you’ll learn all about each stage of the filmmaking process, from scriptwriting, to directing, acting for camera, editing, sound, production design and even more. Each term you’ll explore a new creative theme and work on a collaborative film project with fellow young filmmakers.

To find out more about filmmaking classes at Sparks Film School Hove, please click here >>> or to register for a free filmmaking class, please see the Sparks Filmmaking Class Finder >>>.

If you’d like to join any of our other filmmaking schools for young filmmakers, find your nearest available filmmaking classes and book a free trial class here >>>.

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