How To Have a Spooktastic Time at Your Very Own Halloween Movie Night

The spookiest evening of the year is almost upon us. It’s time to start planning your very own Halloween movie night for your friends and family! Horror movies, devilish costumes and plenty of tricks and treats… Don’t know where to begin? Read on to find out some frightfully fantastic top tips!

What You Need to Make a Halloween Movie Night?

If you are looking to do something a bit different this Halloween, gather your friends and start planning your very own night of spooky movies, scary treats and lots of fiendish fun. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Find out how creative you can be with the Halloween theme. You could start the ball rolling by choosing two or even three scary movies to base your evening around. There are hundreds to choose from and lists available online for inspiration.

Halloween movie night - horror decorations

Don’t forget to consider your audience. If you will be a largely adult or older teen group, here are one hundred scariest films that will have you watching from behind a cushion. Alternatively, if there will be younger people there who could become upset by anything too frightening, here are Kids Halloween Movies that add a bit more fun and whimsy into the proceedings. Here are some other areas to think about for your Halloween movie night

Location, Location, Location…

Location is very important – where is the event going to take place? Think about how many people are coming at your halloween movie night . You will need enough space for people to be comfortable and to be able to see the screen if you are showing a scary movie or too. Will you invite people to stay overnight? Are you planning to go trick or treating around the local neighbourhood as part of the entertainment? If so, how will you get there?

Dressing The Set

Halloween decorations are wild, wacky and wonderful. From pumpkins to wizards’ hats; ghosts and ghouls to black cats, there is a lot of choice. Adding decorations to your Halloween movie night venue will help get people in the right mood from the moment they arrive. So, festoon the walls with fake cobwebs, add as many pumpkins, vampires and zombies as you like. Dress up the front door to show people where to come for some movie night magic. Light lots of candles for a warm glow. Add some creepy character to your food and drinks table with themed plates, glasses and table displays. Have some suitable music playing when people arrive.

Movie Making Project- Halloween movie night

Costume Drama

Everyone loves dressing up for special occasions, so why not make your night a fancy dress event? There are loads of Halloween costume ideas and having lots of witches, wizards, ghosts, vampires and cats running about, or lounging in front of the TV screen, could make for a really fun halloween movie night. Not to mention some great party photos! You could have some trick or treat sweets standing by to use as prizes for the most creative, scariest, best makeup, cutest outfit etc. This will inject some friendly competition and motivate people to make an effort with their costumes.

Food For Thought

Don’t forget the halloween party with amazing food! Decide whether you want halloween candy, sweets and crisps and snacks, or prefer to go for more substantial hot offerings, such as pizza, hot dogs or bowls of chilli. It will be cold outside, so make sure people are warmed up by your hospitality and food.

Halloween movie night - pumpkin pie

If you are going out trick or treating, or are spending part of the evening outside, mugs of soup or hot chocolate would be a welcome sight when people come back inside to warm up. You could also add the popular movie night staple – popcorn. You could even add different sweet and savoury flavours to it for variety. Don’t waste the inside of your carved out pumpkin – use the fleshy part to make an American classic – pumpkin pie and make the halloween movie night more intersting.

Make Your Own Spooky Film

Finally, why let Hollywood have all the fun? If you are interested in making movies or attend filmmaking classes, why not make your own Halloween horror film? You will need to prepare for this in advance of Halloween so you have time to write, cast, film and edit your movie.

Have fun creating a spooky story and adding a dramatic script, scary costumes and props and lots of special effects and jump scares to make your audience scream. Again, watch out for the target audience. If you are inviting younger children and teenagers to your Halloween movie night, remember not to make your film too scary, have some fun with it instead.

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