Creative Summer Camps For Kids: 7 Super Activities To Boost Creativity

The long summer holidays are upon us, with several weeks of freedom from school and loads of time to fill doing fun and creative things. After more than a year of COVID-19 restrictions, we are all more than ready to get out there and start making summer memories. There are different summer camps for kids from gardening fun to filmmaking classes, there are all sorts of ways to enjoy a creative summer. Here are seven creative ideas to begin with.

Escape the screens

According to an Ofcom survey, 99% of children aged 15 and over are spending almost 20.5 hours per week online. Screen time can be beneficial in healthy doses. However, it is not the only way to nurture creativity, despite what many savvy teens will try and tell you. Set up a rule that for every hour of screen time, your children must find something creative to do away from online technology.

Film summer camps for kids

Technology can open the door to all sorts of creativity that doesn’t involve gaming consoles or social media. SPARKS filmmaking summer camps for kids are running all summer for movie fans who want to make their own production. Learn how to direct, produce, act and operate cameras. Take charge of the whole thing, from story concept to final editing. You will have lots of fun and come away with brand new creative skills. Practise your new skills at home by using your phone or tablet to make and edit more movies. You could even set up a glamorous film premiere with posh frocks and red carpet for friends and family.

Photo fun

Learning photography can is another summer camps for kids which is interesting and full of fun. Grabbing a camera and taking photos can generate a lot of ideas for a creative summer. You could go on a photo scavenger hunt. Write a list for everyone taking part of things to take pictures of.

Sparks | Movie Making Summer Camps

Why not add colours, shapes or things beginning with certain letters? Perhaps be even more creative and list things that represent ‘your favourite pastime, your biggest ambition’ or ‘what makes you happiest’. Print the pictures out and make a collage. Or turn them into greetings cards to send on special occasions.

Learn a new craft

Ever wanted to take up knitting? Perhaps you have always wondered how to draw cartoon characters. You have the time now that school’s out for summer to give these things a try. Read a book about the creative things that interest you or watch a couple of ‘how-to’ videos. If someone you know can already do the craft, ask if they will teach you, and it can turn out to be interesting summer camps for kids. Be creative, be brave and see what you can do! If you get really good at it, you can start making things to sell or donate. Or be really organised and make some cool gifts to give people at Christmas.

Get out and about

There are many ways to enjoy a free or low-cost day out as part of a creative summer camps for kids. Feed enquiring young minds with some of the following creative day trips:

  • Local museum or exhibition based around interests and hobbies
  • Trip to the beach with bucket and spade, swimming things and a picnic
  • Reading in the park – take a good book, cools drinks and comfy cushions or blanket to snuggle up with
  • Nature walk – see what signs of flora and fauna you can see on your way. Take only photos and do not disturb wildlife habitats
  • Plot a route for a walk or a drive and follow it using a map to test navigational skills
  • Local beach to collect sea shells and – if you are lucky enough – some ancient fossils as well
  • Find your nearest ceramics or pottery painting café and make a beautiful, long-lasting  reminder of your creative summer.

Colour your day

Take it in turn to each choose a colour that will be the theme of the day. You then have to do as much as possible using the colour. For example, only eat food that is the right shade and wear the right colour clothes.

summer camps for kids- girl drawing

Draw, sew, create or cook things in the colour or write some poetry inspired by it. You could also do this using other adjectives or different ideas such as countries, film genres or music styles. Or maybe even write a film or TV script based on the theme and see where the story takes you.

Write a story

Writing is one of the best ways to unleash some summer creativity. You are quite literally creating a new world. You are developing characters to do and say interesting things and have amazing adventures. Try writing with a pen and paper or do it on a computer or tablet. Start by drafting a couple of paragraphs and see where that takes you.

If you are stuck for ideas, try writing about what you know first. Come up with a funny thing that could happen in your town, or set a comic scene at your school or college. What would your dream job be? Could you write about a character chasing the same ambitions as you?


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