Summer Shoots: The Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares!

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Summer is Coming… 



Summer Shoots – Sparks summer filmmaking camps – are on the way! The action-packed summer camps will start from early July and run through to the end of August across each of the different Sparks workshop centres.


With planning underway, we are so excited to share the details of this year’s theme!


The Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares


This year’s theme is “The Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares”. It’ll represent a fun and creative look into fantastical and subconscious adventures, from our visions of paradise to our deepest fears.


Every year, we set a new challenge for young filmmakers. There is a new collection of creative inspirations, which open up potential to explore new filmmaking techniques, try out new ideas and expand imaginations.


Within the theme, the young filmmakers taking part will explore:


  • techniques for conveying dream sequences
  • fantasy lands, utopias and dystopias
  • colour-work and scene setting
  • surrealism and dream-like transitions
  • prophecies and supernatural visions
  • point-of-view/first person cinematography
  • selective storytelling for building tension, suspense and horror


Each Studio group (age tiers) will work on a series of different workshop techniques.


The young filmmakers will produce their own film, which is based on their own ideas and imaginations. They will devise a story, before casting, writing and designing their production. They will also shoot and edit their work, ready to share with family at the end of the workshop. 


Behind the scenes, our team will begin researching fun and creative approaches into the theme. They will start to put together a series of unique activities, ready for the workshops. 


It’ll be a summer of bringing dreams and nightmares to life.


We can’t wait to get started!

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Summer Shoots are action-packed summer holiday camps for children and teenagers (ages 4-18).

Over the course of five fun workshop days, they develop lots of new creative skills in filmmaking and produce their own film production, which we share at the end of the week and in an exciting red carpet premiere screening.

To find out more, or to register to take part, take a look here >>>

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