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Soft Skills Development: How Filmmaking Develops 6 Important Soft Skills at Sparks Film School

A group of young filmmakers gather around a DSLR camera on a tripod. One of them waves, they are are all smiling at the camera taking this photograph | Sparks Film School | Filmmaking Classes for Soft Skills Development

We know how important it is for children and young people to develop soft skills.  Soft skills development offers so much for the future, not just for children or teenagers, but for all of us at any stage of life. Wherever we are – whether we’re learning how to make new friends, thinking about our … Read more

How We Use Project Based Learning: 5 Ways We Empower, Inspire and Build Valuable Lifelong Skills

A notebook page reads Project Based Learning with a doodle of some cogs and a mortarboard hat. Some pens rest at the edges of the notebook | Sparks Film School | Project Based Learning

In all Sparks Film School programmes, Project Based Learning is one of the fundamental parts of our approach to inspire learning, empower young filmmakers and encourage valuable, lifelong skills.  We believe that everyone learns at their best when they are having fun, immersed, involved and able to take both ownership and responsibility. Project Based Learning … Read more

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