The Importance of Teaching Filmmaking Basics to Kids

Films have long played a huge role in entertaining, uplifting, informing and relaxing us and learning filmmaking basics will help to express and promote ideas and opinions, demonstrate different relationships and help us form lasting human connections. Not least as they give us a topic to chat about with friends and family, at the school gates, in the playground or over dinner.

Films and media are all around us. Passing vital knowledge and skills around filmmaking basics to the next generation ensures that we can all continue to enjoy movie magic for a long time to come. It also gives young people a voice and the chance to engage with film, not just as consumers of media, but as producers too. What’s more, enrolling in film making classes benefits young people too, for all sorts of reasons.

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Why Every Child Should Experience Film Making Classes

According to the Times Educational Supplement, ‘film making can help develop young people’s creativity and improve their soft skills’ . Both of these areas are crucial in the adult world, whether you go on to pursue a career in the creative industries or not. As school budgets are squeezed tighter and tighter, fitting decent film education within the academic day becomes harder to manage. That’s where film classes and holiday courses that teach filmmaking basics come in.

Here are eight more reasons why signing up to film making classes could be a very good idea for your kids and learn filmmaking basics.

1· Teamwork And Leadership

As with any working environment, a film set functions with a variety of roles involved. From the director to the actors; costume department to the runners who keep the wheels turning. Our film making classes allow each child to have a turn at whichever roles they prefer.

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This not only gives them valuable insight into filmmaking basics from the points of view of multiple professionals on a film set, but it also helps them work as a team. When it comes to their turn to take charge, they have increased insight into what each job involves and that will help them be a better informed, more rounded leader.

2· Decision-Making And Negotiation

Life on a film set is fast-paced and exciting. Decisions are often made quickly. This is because filming takes time and a lot of action needs to happen quickly, without wasting valuable filming or preparation time. It is also because there is a lot to get through and multiple people involved who must fulfil their own job roles and deadlines. What’s more, getting everyone to work as a team and pull together to get decisions made and actions completed takes negotiation. This is an excellent skill to learn alongside good decision-making and filmmaking basics.

3· Planning And Preparation

Planning is key to a successful movie project and is one of the most important filmmaking basics to master. Plots have to be worked out and scenes constructed. Scripts written and actors cast. All of this before anyone shouts “action” or switches on a camera.

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Strong planning skills help the initial phases to run smoothly and result in a more polished, organised finished result. People feel happier when they know there is a plan and will respond by working calmly, effectively and with improved motivation.

4· Courage And Tenacity

Putting your creative seal on something is one thing; sending it out into the world to be judged by those who watch, read or experience it is quite another. The latter takes a lot of courage and self-belief. Having the tenacity to hold on to an idea while other people try to change or dismiss it is also a great skill to have in any walk of life. Being allowed to experiment with creativity and ideas in film making classes gives young people valuable experience at doing all of the above. Guided by industry experts, they can gain a lot out of seeing initial ideas and imaginations come to life on screen.

5· Creativity And Imagination

Talking of ideas, learning the filmmaking basics gives kids the tools to explore and express their creativity and imagination. Classes are a safe space to use new skills to bring ideas to life and take a closer look at their individual talents and aspirations.

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Want to direct? Get behind a camera and see what you can do. Aspiring actor? Get those lines learned and prepare for your close-up. Whatever type of creative work appeals, film making classes are a wonderful way of getting the chance to express it.

6· Knowledge And New Experiences

Many young people get caught up in a merry-go-round of exams, tests, and assessments. They are constantly told about the value of new skills and experiences, not least because they will need a range of points to put on application forms and CVs or to talk about during interviews in the future. Apart from learning filmmaking basics, these classes enhance young people’s chances of getting accepted for further education courses, jobs, training schemes and more. They demonstrate an ability to learn new skills, work as a part of a team to accomplish a project and produce tangible results.

7· Technical Prowess And Editing

Filmmaking basics include a knowledge of post-production techniques as well as planning and camera work. Learning how to edit and produce footage to create an amazing movie enhances technical knowledge, boosts confidence and adds the perfect finishing touch to a wider film-making project. Even the least computer-proficient young person can play their part in editing and producing a film that they can be proud to be part of.

8· Pride And Self-Confidence

It is on the topic of pride that this list comes to a close. Young people often experience problems with self-confidence and self-esteem as they work out who they are and find places to belong in the world. Being part of film making classes, learning filmmaking basics and contributing to the success of such a visual, exciting project can do wonders for their self-confidence. It gives them something to be proud of and talk about. Watching the film back at the end demonstrates to young people that they really can make a difference and be a worthwhile and valued part of a wider team.

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