That’s a Wrap on Easter Camps 2024

After an epic and fun-filled Easter holidays, it’s time to call “that’s a wrap” on this year’s Easter Camps!

Young film students taking part in Sparks Film School Easter camps have been busy making their own film productions all over the UK. Together in small film crews, they have written, developed, planned, directed, shot, crewed and produced lots of new youth film productions!

Superhero effects at Sparks St Albans Easter Camps
Sparks Film School St Albans making use of their beautiful shooting locations!

Superhero Shoots across the Country

This Easter we’ve had film shoots taking place across the country, with camps taking place from Hove to Glasgow. We have more than 30 film schools across the UK, and the locations have been supercharged with superhero energy this school holiday!

The crew at Sparks Film School Teddington exploring producing some telekinetic powers!

We’ve been so impressed by the creativity on show in our film sets. The latest addition to the Sparks location map is Sparks Film School Teddington, who opened their doors to a brand new film crew this Easter.

Green screen sequences on show at Sparks FIlm School Dulwich Easter Camps
Sparks Film School Dulwich have built their own cityscape and used green screen effects to bring it to life

All throughout the Easter, the young filmmakers and young animators have shown so much creativity, imagination, collaboration, talent, perseverance, artistry, skilfulness and positivity. It’s been a joy to see them shining with ideas and then to see them bring those ideas to life.

Sparks Film School Easter Camp

The Unbeatables

This year’s theme – The Unbeatables – challenged the filmmakers to produce their own super charged superhero masterpieces.

On The Unbeatables, young filmmakers flew through the air, saved the day and produced powerful effect sequences in this turbo-charged superpowered movie making workshop. Members explored origin stories, comedy techniques and how to use camera trickery to bring our heroes’ powers to the screen.

The young filmmakers taking part created their own films, full of super-powered sequences, colourful costumes, unusual origin stories and amazing arch-villains.

Getting the perfect closeup at Sparks Film School Hampstead Easter Camps
Sparks Film School Hampstead framing the perfect closeup.

Working as a team

One of the crucial parts of our Easter camps is how to work well as a team. Members explore a range of different jobs on the film set, taking responsibility for producing their own film.

As our crew members take on the roles of Director, Camera Operator, First Assistant Director, Clapper-Loader and Actor, they must practise leadership, listen, teamwork and feedback skills.

We’ve been so impressed with how well our filmmakers have risen to the challenge to produce their films and communicate their ideas effectively.

Easter Camps at Sparks Film School Yarm
Sparks Film School Yarm & Northallerton getting ready for their next take
Sparks members learn a whole range of camera operation techniques including shot composition and focus

What’s Next for Sparks Film School students?

Our term time students are back on the film set this week, with filmmaking classes starting back for a brand new term.

This term, our members are gearing up for this year’s annual Camera Games Competition. This term’s workshops are inspired by this year’s BAFTA and Oscar winners, and members will be taking part in a series of production skill masterclasses, before vying for this year’s coveted Best Film award.

To find out more, take a look here >>>

We also look forward to welcoming students to Summer Holiday Camps. We have a range of film and animation workshops that explore our brand new theme: The Element of Surprise. It’s a perfect way to spend the summer holidays while learning new creative and technical skills.

For more details on upcoming courses at Sparks Film School, please take a look here >>

To enjoy more films produced by young filmmakers, keep an eye on the blog, or take a look at our YouTube channels >>

Sparks Film School Dulwich working as a team to produce their next take

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