Why should you choose media studies and study film at school?

The modern world is geared more and more towards screens and visual media. We get much of our news, entertainment, social contact and advertising via moving images on screens. why take media studies is an important question to the ones who are interested in media and film study. So, choosing to study film at school or take media studies at college is incredibly important if we are to keep pace with the world. Knowing why and how films are made and how they impact on different audiences can help us tell powerful stories of our own.

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Many schools and colleges offer media studies and filmmaking classes from early years through to GSCE, A-level and degree level.

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There is no formal requirement to study media or film to a certain level, but teachers and students recognise the importance of doing so. It can also be a lot of fun creating your own films and analysing media sources. You will learn acting for camera skills on stage. You can also learn many key skills during media studies and filmmaking classes, as listed below.

Critical thinking

If you study film at school or follow a media studies course, you will watch a wide range of films and other media. This will help you appreciate the high points that make the production good and analyse the weaker aspects that could be improved upon. Then, you can find out how to apply what you have learnt to your own media and film productions. This process will hone your critical thinking and analysis skills. It will challenge and inspire you intellectually as you look at films and media in greater detail.

Teamwork and tact

One thing that the vast majority of film and media projects have in common is that they take more than one person to complete. Working as part of a team is a key skill to learn in all walks of life. In film and media studies, you will discover how to put your point across respectfully but with conviction. You will also find out how to take other people’s points seriously and deal tactfully with any differences of opinion.

As a result, your team work and negotiation skills should really improve over the course of your studies. Those are the reason why take media studies and film making is important. As a result, you will become a real asset to any project involving more than one participant.

Technical skills

One of the answer for why study media can be improving technical skills.. Filmmaking classes can teach students a huge range of technical skills, from camera work to set design; CAD to post-production editing. Most courses offer lots of hand-on experience, which boosts confidence and provides valuable experience.

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As a result, these skills can lead to an exciting career in the world of film or media. Other technical areas that are touched upon during media studies or when you study film at school include lighting and sound. These are both key elements of building atmosphere and producing a top quality visual media production.

Channel your creativity

Unbridled creativity is an amazing thing to behold. However, if it is not channelled correctly, it can be hard to turn into an actual project. Film and media studies can help you identify creative ideas and out them up for discussion. You will learn how to fit your creative take on things in with other people’s visions for the project. Creativity is required in vast quantities for film and media studies. From script and storyboard writing to set and costume design, a creative flair can take something ordinary and make it sparkle. Be brave, be creative and excellent results will follow.

Literacy and mathematical skills

If you can analyse a film and state what you like and dislike about it, you will find that your English language skills will improve. That is where why taking media studies will get its answer. Descriptive language found in film reviews crops up in all sorts of other places. It is central to many other academic subjects too, including:

· English

· History

· General studies

· Philosophy

· History of art

· Drama

Acting for Camera - Sound

Filmmaking classes can also help with maths skills too. For instance, you may need to work out very precise timings for scenes in the editing process. Or manage a production budget that you are not allowed to go over. Setting up sound and lighting desks can also involve precise calculations to get the desired effect.

Why take media studies and film making and how it will help to develop future career?

A 2013 ONS study revealed that people who had a degree in media also had the second-highest employment rate in the UK. Eight years on, as digital media is well on its way to taking over the world and TV streaming services have become mainstream, the demand for talented media experts is only increasing.

If you can show that you have the skills, talent and enthusiasm for media and film, you will be a popular job candidate. That is why study media is important. The skills you learn are highly transferable, too. For instance, anyone who can be creative, persuasive, tactful and tenacious will be an asset anywhere. As will someone with a clear passion for film and the tenacity to study the subject in depth.

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