Can You Write The Perfect Film Review?

The answer to the question, ‘can you write a perfect film review?’ is almost certainly no – nobody’s perfect, after all! However, with a few simple tips, you can get pretty close. One purpose of a film review is to give an informed opinion on a film or movie to let other people know whether it is worth going to see. You can also write reviews as part of media studies or filmmaking classes from a more academic point of view. Finally, many actors, directors and film professionals read reviews to see what the public think of their work.

Ramp up your perfect film review skills

When the world isn’t dealing with a global pandemic, it is enjoying the release of many, many films of all kinds of genres. For instance, if you want to see how many films were released in 2019, this site gives a good idea. So, with all these films crying out for skilled film reviewers to give their opinions, it’s time to ramp up your reviewing skills and put them to the test.

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Here are some of things to consider while writing the perfect film review.

Take it seriously

First of all, you must treat your film review with respect and take it seriously. A lot of people made huge efforts, spent money and learned skills to create the film you want to review. So the least you can do in return is give it your full attention. Go and see the film at least once. Preferably twice so you can notice the little details once you familiarise yourself with the plot. Don’t rely on other people’s reviews, internet spoilers or trailers to write your piece. It will be very obvious to people reading it what you have done.

Open mind and robust opinions

The whole point of a perfect film review is to give your opinion on the production you have seen. Approach it with an open mind and don’t let any preconceptions distract you. For instance, you may have hated a previous film that the lead actor was in. Don’t let that affect what you think about this film. Or you may have read the book and have different ideas about what the characters physically look like.

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Again, stay open-minded and write about what you see in front of you. If you don’t like something, say so, but defend your opinion. This is because it needs to make sense to readers who may not share your preconceptions. Talk about its executive producer, actors and all others involved and give an honest opinion of them.

Consider who you are writing for

Think about who is going to read your review. This will inform you about how to make it and what to focus on first for perfect film review. For instance, writing for a children’s magazine could mean that you write more about the younger characters. Reviewing a movie for a film fanzine could have you adding more detail about the director’sbackground and movie world inspirations. Use accessible language, avoid acronyms or jargon and don’t forget to proofread your work.

Know who you are writing about

When you learn how to write perfect film review, you often start with the importance of research. We all prefer to read article by people who know what they are talking about. Errors and inconsistencies are annoying and distract from the main point of the article. Your review. Do lots of research online, look up what films the actors and directors have been involved in before. Read other people’s reviews about this film or others from the same genre. Pick out interesting facts. It may be the first time the lead actor has appeared in a horror film or in sci-fi. Or maybe the director announced his or her retirement just before the movie launched.

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Don’t forget the crew for perfect film review

A successful film is the result of a huge team of talented people working together to create a masterpiece. It’s not just about the actors and directors. So, if you are particularly impressed by the lighting, scenery, costume or cinematography, say so. You will be making a lot of often overlooked people very happy. Conversely, if one or more aspects of a film disappoint you, mention this and explain why. Always write any criticisms with kindness and never in a vitriolic or sneering way. The people behind the project are human, after all. There are also things to write from the film festivals which can help to write perfect film review.

No spoilers!

Finally, never give away too many plot details in your review. In perfect film review, too easy to gush about an unexpected development or brilliant twist at the end. You can hint at what happens, but never give away too much or people won’t be inspired to go and see the film. As we said at the start of this blog, ‘one purpose of a film review is to give an informed opinion on a film or movie to let other people know whether it is worth going to see’. Don’t spill too many beans!

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