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Photography Courses for Ages 5-18

Ignite Imagination, Develop Creativity and Skills

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Youth Photography Courses for Ages 5-18

Cultivate Creativity in our Fun and Friendly Youth Photography Courses 

Sparks photography courses help children to develop their imagination, artistic skills, creativity and confidence too. 

All Sparks photography courses are fully practical and full of hands-on opportunities to learn, to practise and to build a photography portfolio to feel proud of.

Young photographers boost their knowledge and skills in photography as they work on creative photography projects. They take on individual and small group challenges to capture and edit their own photography portfolios. 

Specialist Photography Courses

Hands-on training in photography using a range of styles and techniques

Project Based Learning

Our unique photography courses use real-world projects to boost skills

Expert Photography instructors

Our team of expert photography instructors are all specialists, recruited from industry backgrounds and thoroughly vetted, including DBS checks

Commitment to wellbeing

We promote positive wellbeing for all our photography students. We celebrate individuality and nurture personal strengths

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Photography Courses for Ages 7-11

Photography Camps for Kids | Summer Holiday Camps

In Sparks photography courses, young photographers develop their creative and technical skills through hands on, engaging practical photography activities.

Working in response to fun and varied creative briefs, they explore different photographic techniques and styles as they build up their own creative photography portfolio.

Our photography courses are currently available for ages 7-11, although we plan to introduce new photography courses for ages 5-18 shortly. 

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Fall in Love with Photography

Sparks photography courses start this Easter holiday!

Join in with Sparks photography courses to boost skills and imagination, learn new techniques and fall in love with the art of photography!

Photography courses are 1-2 day programmes for young photographers to explore different creative styles and techniques, whilst building their own photography portfolio.

Through hands-on activities, young photographers will learn the basics of composition and lighting, and how to develop their own unique style. Our experienced photography instructors make learning fun with creative games, challenges, and interactive activities to keep everyone engaged and excited.

Whether your child is a beginner or already has some photography experience, our photography courses will help them develop their skills and build their confidence. Plus, they’ll have a blast exploring the world through the lens of a camera!

Register today and let your child discover the joys of photography.

Photography Courses Photography Activities for kids

Sparks Photography Classes 

Launching September 2023 

Sparks Photography Classes will start from September 2023.

We’re excited to welcome young photographers to weekly photography classes, where they can develop their imagination, skills, creativity and confidence. 

Photography Courses for Kids

What to Expect from Sparks Photography Courses 

Students taking part in Photography Courses with Sparks Film School will explore lots of different photography techniques and styles. They’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of photography and plenty of practical skills too. 

Just like our filmmaking and animation courses, Sparks photography courses will focus on practical activities, hands-on opportunities and child-led creativity through Project-Based-Learning.

Our photography courses will offer the same high quality creative learning provision associated with our other courses. Class sizes will be small, with high staff to student ratios to ensure everyone receives plenty of personalised attention and support. 

Our instructors are all highly trained, skilful professionals with lots of knowledge to share with young photographers. All our team are passionate about the joy and creativity that photography inspires and love to share their passion with the next generation. 

Everyone receives plenty of training, including Safeguarding training. Everyone is also DBS-checked and fully vetted under our Safer Recruitment policy. 

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Each photography course offers a blend of creative and technical learning, which make our courses ideal for beginners or experienced photographers who are looking to further develop their skills. We’re experienced in differentiating and making sure everyone is learning at their own level and at their own pace, which helps to build confidence, as well as skills. 


We recommend each young photographer brings along their own camera device. This can be a smartphone camera, a tablet camera or any other device capable of taking still images. This is so that they can capture plenty of their own images and take them away at the end of the course.

We provide all the other equipment required for the course.  

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Photography Courses: FAQs

When and where do Sparks photography courses take place?

Days and times for all photography courses vary at each Sparks Film School. Photography classes take place at the weekend, as well as after school. Holiday camps run during half terms and summer holidays. 

We recommend using our Class Finder to find the dates, times, fees and availability of photography courses at your nearest Sparks Film School. 

Please filter by ‘Course Category’ or ‘Course Type’ to find photography courses.

Photography courses are new programmes and so may not be available at all Sparks Film Schools straight away. We expect photography courses to be available nationally by September 2024.

If photography courses aren’t yet available at your nearest Sparks Film School, we recommend getting in touch to join their waiting list

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What equipment do I need for photography courses?

In our photography courses, we recommend students bring their own camera device to capture plenty of their own photos. This enables them to take plenty of images away with them at the end of the course.

We provide all other equipment required, including cameras for demonstrations, different lighting setups, soft boxes, reflectors and photographic editing tools.

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What can students expect to learn on Sparks photography courses?

Over time, students taking part in Sparks photography courses will learn about a wide range of different photographic styles and techniques, ranging from nature photography, to portraits, campaign/editorial images and abstracts. Find out more about some of our photography styles here.

They will develop their imagination, as well as their understanding of photography techniques, composition, lighting and visual storytelling. We also cover technical details in how to achieve photographic effects using different camera settings.  

Along with the different photography skills and knowledge, our courses also support soft-skill development. Students learn communication skills, how to collaborate, how to lead and contribute towards projects, time management skills and problem solving skills. 

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How much are course fees for Sparks photography courses?

Photography courses start from £7.00 per hour for photography classes and from £45.00 for a one day course.

Fees for photography courses vary at each Sparks Film School location, we recommend finding details of your nearest photography courses using our Class Finder tool below.

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What safeguarding measures are in place for photography courses?

We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. Many Sparks Film Schools are Ofsted registered (or are in the process of registering) and comply with Safer Recruitment practices found in UK schools.

Everyone is DBS-checked, fully vetted and works under supervision. All our team receive training in safeguarding and agree to follow our Safeguarding Policy. 

There is always a First Aider on site at any activity and all our managers are trained to Safeguarding Level 3. 

See more on Safeguarding at Sparks Film School here.

How does membership to your photography courses work?

Our holiday camp programmes operate as distinct courses and can be booked individually. Membership to holiday camp programmes is usually for the duration of the course. 

Starting from September 2023 (in select Sparks Film School locations) photography classes will run year-round and most students stay with us for several years as they progress through our syllabus. Membership to photography classes is available on a rolling pay-monthly basis, or on a termly basis.

For more information, please see details of our course fees here

Do you accept childcare vouchers for photography courses?

Most Sparks Film Schools accept childcare vouchers.

We recommend getting in touch to see if your local Sparks Film School accepts vouchers. 

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