Our Commitments

We take our responsibilities to our students and families seriously.

We make the following commitments to all our students across all our activities. 


The safety and wellbeing of all Sparks Film School students is our first priority. 

We commit to providing a safe and secure environment, where our students can achieve their best. 

Part of this is our commitment to apply high staff ratios and to commit to initial and ongoing staff training, with every staff member receiving training on safeguarding and our Managers trained to Safeguarding Level 3.

We commit to Safer Recruitment practices, as operated within the UK school system.

For more information on how we prioritise safeguarding, please see our Safeguarding Policy

Quality Learning Experiences

We commit to providing high quality learning experiences for all our students, regardless of age or ability.

Sparks Film School courses and activities should inspire, encourage, educate and empower students at every stage of their journey. 

We commit to recruit qualified instructors and to provide high quality staff development activities. We commit to resourcing our courses with high quality equipment and facilities. We commit to providing personalised attention and support for every learner.


We commit to the principles of inclusion. We believe in equality of opportunity and we celebrate each other’s differences. 

We commit to adapt, personalise and tailor our activities to ensure inclusion and to help every individual to develop their skills, their confidence and their own unique voice. 

To Have Fun

We believe that we all learn, develop and grow to our fullest potential whilst we’re having fun. We commit to providing learning opportunities that place play at the centre, embrace creativity, collaboration and provide the space to take chances, all whilst having fun. 

We commit to making space for mistakes for the sake of experimentation and growth.

We commit to making space for finding friendships and for celebrating everyone’s successes. 

Practical Opportunity 

We commit to providing practical learning opportunities for all our students, with the chance to put their ideas into practice and the chance to apply their learning and skills development to shareable projects. 

Youth Leadership 

We commit to providing meaningful opportunities for our students to share their voices, express themselves and their ideas, and to take the lead over their projects, their productions and their experience. 

We commit to listen to our students and to take their ideas on board at every level of our organisation. 

For more details about our Commitments, or about any of our practices, please see the About Us section of the website.

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