Our Curriculum

At Sparks Film School, we offer fun and creative programmes in Filmmaking, Photography and Animation for ages 5-18.

Within the Sparks Syllabus, all students develop imagination and creativity, soft and transferrable skills, as well as technical knowledge, ability and practical skills development in their chosen subject area.

Students joining Sparks Film School follow our unique programme of learning, through which they learn about film and media and develop a wide range of skills. 

Sparks Film School - Filmmaking Courses for Kids - Youth Film School


Students joining our filmmaking courses learn skills in the different areas of filmmaking. They learn about the process from start to finish, as well as several technical disciplines within the process.

Photography Camps for Kids


Students joining our photography courses learn skills for still image photography. They develop artistic skills related to telling stories and conveying meaning through imagery, as well as technical skills in how to use photography equipment.


Students joining Sparks animation courses learn skills in a variety of animation styles. They explore 2D drawn animation, 3D stop-motion techniques and CGI. They explore a range of different animation techniques, as well as the key concepts of telling stories using animation.

Studio System:

All Sparks film and media courses follow a ‘Studio System’, which welcomes young creatives aged between 5-18.

There are five studios, which span an age range of 5-18. Within each studio, there are three learning grades that represent introductory, intermediate and advanced levels and cover a wide range of skills. The curriculum includes a complement of creative and technical learning, along with soft skill development too. Each grade – 15 in total – includes progressive learning about camera, acting, directing, storytelling, production, editing and film knowledge. 

Students join the studio that corresponds to their age/school year, usually beginning at the introductory grade and progressing through to the intermediate and advanced grades. On successfully completing each grade, filmmakers are awarded with a certificate to recognise their learning and achievement. Once they have completed the advanced grade, and have reached the next studio’s entry age point, filmmakers progress on to the next studio. 

Sparks Film School | Studio 1: Kids Activities for Ages 5-7 | Filmmaking, Photography and Animation Courses for Kids
Studio 1:

Ages 5-7 (School Years 1-2)

Sparks Film School | Studio 2: Kids Activities for ages 7-9 | Filmmaking, Photography and Animation Courses for Kids
Studio 2:

Ages 7-9 (School Years 3-4)

A young filmmaker at a Sparks film school course stands in front on the camera with a clapperboard reading Scene 9 Take 1.
Studio 3:

Ages 9-11 (School Years 5-6)

Sparks Film School | Youth Film Courses for Teenagers | A Crew of Four Young Filmmakers Shoot a Scene with a DSLR Camera. Two Teens are Acting a Scene in front of the Camera, Two Teens stand behind the camera crewing. Studio 4: Kids Activities for Ages 11-14. Filmmaking, Photography & Animation Courses for Kids
Studio 4:

Ages 11-14 (School Years 7-9)

Studio 5:

Ages 14-18 (Schools Years 10-13) 

Our Unique Programme of Learning

The Sparks Syllabus is completely unique and has been devised over decades, based on our experience of leading, delivering and developing youth film and media training programmes.

Our Syllabus is underpinned by inclusive learning methodologies and established educational practices.

We believe that we all learn, develop and grow to our fullest potential whilst we’re having fun. Our Syllabus provides learning opportunities that place play at the centre of the activity, embrace creativity, collaboration and provide the space to take chances, all whilst having fun. 

Project Based Learning:

The majority of our programme uses Project Based Learning techniques and methodologies. Project Based Learning is an educational approach that prioritises learning by doing, working on real world projects. Not only does this approach help to build knowledge and skills quickly, it also helps students to develop lifelong skills in communication, teamwork, problem solving, leadership and taking responsibility. 


Sparks Film School students work towards individual Sparks grades. There are three grades per Studio and 15 grades per curriculum area in total. Students enter at the Foundation level for their Studio group, before progressing to Intermediate level and Advanced level.

Students gain a certificate for each level completed and can qualify through term time classes, our online courses or by taking part in a series of holiday programmes.

Participation in Sparks courses can also be used to fulfil different elements of external courses or qualifications.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Participation in Sparks term time classes (minimum one year) can also be used to fulfil the Skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Our instructors can act as Skills assessors and complete DofE Skills journals.

Arts Award

Sparks filmmaking classes can also be used to fulfil many areas of the Arts Award at Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

Many of our courses include work towards the Arts Award scheme. If you are interested in gaining an Arts Award qualification, please talk to us for more information. 

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