The Camera Never Lies: the New Theme for Sparks Filmmaking Classes 2023

Each new term at Sparks filmmaking classes, the young crews explore a brand new theme designed to boost their creativity, skills and knowledge. Our next theme – The Camera Never Lies – is set to be one of the most interesting yet and we’re excited to see how members of the Sparks filmmaking classes respond!

The Camera Never Lies

The Camera Never Lies is a brand new theme, which includes lots of exciting new contemporary references in filmmaking. It’s a collection of inspirations and techniques that explore different storytelling formats, from factual filmmaking styles, narrative fiction filmmaking and all the interesting grey areas in between.

Young filmmakers taking part in Sparks filmmaking classes will explore:

  1. How to use documentary (and mockumentary) filmmaking techniques and formats
  2. Fantasy fiction narratives and films based on true-life events and real people
  3. So-called “fake news” and staged social media videos
  4. Reality TV formats that are anything but real
  5. How to combine different storytelling techniques to present both trues and lies within one piece of work

We hope that young filmmakers taking part in the term will take away an understanding of different storytelling formats available to them within their own filmmaking, as well as how to use a variety of new techniques to create the different kinds of media they may well be used to interacting with in their daily lives. It’s all about adventuring behind the lens to find out how filmmakers can craft their own versions of reality.

After all, the camera never lies! Or does it?

The Camera Never Lies is the theme for the spring term 2023 and builds on their work from the autumn, where the young crews explored the theme of Screen Legends, a look into the work of several legendary and trailblazing filmmakers.

Sparks Filmmaking Classes | Young Filmmakers stand in a group outside, each taking on a different role. One of them holds up a clapperboard, actors stand int he background.

Sparks Filmmaking Classes

Sparks Filmmaking Classes run year round for young filmmakers to learn all about filmmaking and to develop their skills. Filmmaking classes run at Sparks Film Schools around the UK, with filmmakers age 5-18 able to join.

In Sparks filmmaking classes, we cover all the different aspects of filmmaking with students learning how to produce their own film productions from scratch. Over time, they develop skills in screenwriting, directing, acting for camera, cinematography, production design, production crewing, editing and plenty of soft skills too.

Making Youth Film Productions

Each term we introduce a new theme, which involves learning different creative disciplines, artistic styles, production techniques and also responding to creative prompts that correspond to the theme. The filmmakers use the theme to inspire their own productions, each crew usually produces at least one new film production of their own each term.

The productions offer the young filmmakers the chance to put their learning into practice, whilst also expressing their creativity and developing their skills through practical work. For us, the best way to learn about filmmaking is to get stuck into making films!

The young crews immerse themselves in their film productions. Their films are led by their own ideas and creative exploration of the theme, our filmmaking instructors guide them through the process and coach them individually through the different crew roles you find on a film set. They are responsible for everything you see on screen, from the direction, the performances, the script, everything right down to the props and costume choices.

For the upcoming term, where they will start to explore The Camera Never Lies, we hope to see plenty of playful, clever and imaginative productions!

Learn More

If you’d like to find out more about The Camera Never Lies theme, or Sparks filmmaking classes, then you can find more details here.

If you’re interested to become a student with Sparks Film School, you can find your nearest filmmaking classes, dates and availability on our Class Finder here.

Sparks filmmaking classes are available for ages 5-18 and run throughout the year, usually at the weekends or after school.

We have an ICAP 3 Kite Quality Assurance Rating and our students and families have rated us 4.9/5 on Trustist, where you can find reviews for Sparks filmmaking classes.

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